Tuesday, November 12, 2013


That's right, folks.  Two exclamation points.  Count 'em. Two.  Todd turned thirty this week.  This is a big birthday, and we feel good about nice round numbers that end in zeros, but the actual event ended up being fairly unspectacular.  I'm terrible at celebrations, sometimes.  With all of the planning for my mom's visit, and then Halloween, Todd's poor birthday sort of fell through the cracks.
Todd requested steak for his birthday dinner, but since I know what he likes better than he does now that we have known each other for eight years, I decided to make him his real favorite food: Thanksgiving dinner.  And so I failed at meeting his one request for his birthday, and I didn't even get him a present.
The turkey I got was enormous.  After I bought it, I wondered if it would fit in our small oven.  It did, but there was less than an inch to spare on each side.  With a turkey that big, we needed someone to share it with us.  My dad happened to be in town, and we invited some church friends, Evan, Diana, and Vienna.  They initially turned down our invitation because they were going to be celebrating Evan's birthday, which is the same day, but we persuaded them to combine parties.  It turned out to be really fun.  I was organized enough to produce an entire Thanksgiving dinner without anyone else present to watch the kids, so I think I can be excused for forgetting to take pictures of the party.
Here is one of the two birthday pies.  I made pumpkin (from an actual pumpkin) and lemon meringue (from actual lemons.  The kids made hilarious faces eating the lemons after I had juiced them.).
 And here is the birthday boy: much more handsome, sweet, caring, and kind than he was at 22.
We are all blessed who have Todd in our lives.  
Happy birthday, Todd!  I am deeply committed to having a better birthday celebration when you turn 40.  I will start planning now.  

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