Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This evening at dinner our conversation drifted to the odor coming from our unwashed dog.  Todd said, "She is stink-y!"  
All of a sudden, Eloise piped up with, "Are you talking about me or Shadow?"

Here is our very own Ellie-Smelly a couple of hours earlier, between the mud puddle that she fell into and the bathtub.  There was mud on her socks and in her hair, and everywhere in between.  
She couldn't decide whether or not to be devastated by slipping in the mud until I told her that I needed to take a picture.  Then, of course, she was certainly not devastated.  

Here is our princess on Saturday after she insisted on getting a haircut with Daddy.  Her hair was in her eyes, so I trimmed her some short bangs. I wish I had taken a picture that showed her whole outfit.  She was wearing leggings, a skirt with shorts built into it, and shorts over the built in shorts.  
If you are going to bother getting dressed (something that Jared has decided is not worth the effort most days), you may as well go all out, right?

Eloise figured out that she can get out of bed on her own about a week ago.  We couldn't believe that it took her so long to figure out, but the end result has been pretty disastrous.  The princess now naps only occasionally, even though her need for a nap is obvious.  Bedtime has been moved up to 6:30, but the meltdown starts at least half an hour earlier than that. Our middle of the day quiet time is really difficult to enforce when Jared is in one room moaning that he wants Eloise to come and play with him, and Eloise is in another room calling for Jared to come and play with her.  Eloise does NOT want to play with Benjamin, however.  She sees his new found ability to crawl fast and pull himself to standing as a threat to her play, and seizes every opportunity to assert her dominance with him.  B is very tolerant, but he has recently developed a special cry that alerts me that Eloise is in his vicinity and calls for intervention.  

Benjamin's first tooth broke through today.  Now he can defend himself, right? I will post pictures as soon as the tooth is more visible.  

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