Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hugs for Grandpa

Grandpa had surgery a few weeks ago, so the kids put together a package for him.  They made him get well cards, we sent some pictures, and this bear was sent as an emissary of love.  
Eloise was really exciting about bear hugs for Grandpa.
 Mu. . . .
 . . . ah!
 In fact, Eloise wasn't planning to let go of the bear so that Jared could hug it.
 I told Jared to hug the bear as hard as he would hug Grandpa, if he could.  He took this very seriously.
 Benjamin didn't really understand what this bear business was about.
 He thought it was pretty funny that I kept telling him to give it a kiss.
 Eventually he decided to give it a kiss/take a bit out of it.
We hope that the bear adequately conveyed the love, Grandpa!  Feel better!  We can't wait to give you these hugs and kisses in person.  

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