Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

I was never a huge fan of Halloween as a kid, but as a parent, it has been really fun.  I have to say, though, in all humility, that this year I may have outdone myself with the family costumes.
First, though, here is a little bit of what we did this Halloween day.  Benjamin woke up with some sticker that he had chewed on and then rolled in glued to his hair, and when he added a handful of oatmeal to that at breakfast, I decided to cut his hair rather than pick all of the gluey little bits out.  He was due for a haircut anyway.  Here is the before picture. . .
 . . . and after.  B was mad that I was taking his picture instead of feeding him.  His shirt says, "Don't scare me! I poop easily. . ."  B's second word (after Bottle) was "poop," and this onesie came in the mail from Grandma the day after he debuted this useful communication.  It was a very timely coincidence.
We swept up some of the leaves on the driveway.  I figured that slippery wet leaves all over the driveway and porch would be hazardous to Halloween revelers.

Eloise painted a pumpkin.  We got two pumpkins for carving, but when I started to cut into this one, I discovered that it was far from ripe.  After the pumpkin tried to break my knife, I decided that this pumpkin would be for painting.  I gave Eloise a paint brush and some paints, and she dabbed at the paints and the pumpkin for a few minutes before asking, "Can I have the paints to do with my fingers?"
 After lunch we had a video chat with Anni, Maren, and Faith.  Jared and Eloise wanted to wave their "spooky fingers" at them.
 Jared was kind enough to take about a zillion screen shots.  Eloise makes a cute kitty.
 We had nap time, and then we were off to Halloween at Daddy's office, complete with spaghetti and meatballs.  Todd got really into our costumes this year.  He even downloaded The Incredibles theme music to his phone so that we could have accompaniment.  Jared grew his hair out for a couple of months so that it would be long enough to slick back to be Dash.  He lived up to his character, cruising from candy station to candy station at top speed.
 Eloise "Violet" could not get enough of this Halloween excitement.  Of course she wanted to EAT the candy instead of just collecting it.
When we got home, B took a nap and Todd took Jared and Eloise trick or treating to three houses before they were ready to run home for dinner and to give candy to trick or treaters.  

Last Saturday our church held a Fall festival.  This was our first opportunity to wear our costumes. 
Pretty authentic, huh?  Okay.  That's not us.  Here we are: 
 It was a great party.  Todd got roped into a pie eating contest, the kids had a great time bouncing from activity to activity, there was a chili dinner, and all of it was with friends.  
  Can you tell that Jared was excited about the costume parade?
Finally, from our Benjamin inspired Jack o'lantern (note the two teeth), known affectionately as the Benjolantern, Happy Halloween!  

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