Saturday, September 14, 2013


Summer came back!  We knew when the rain stopped that it was just a matter of time before autumn returned again in earnest, so we rushed outside to plant tulips before the sun had even come out again.  B is very happy that he knows how to crawl.  This makes it possible for him to teethe on filthy rocks, even when I put him down in the grass across the yard from the mud.  
 Jared is incredibly strong.  He is also incredibly cute in his pint sized work gloves, which he dutifully puts on every time I put on my own work gloves.
 Eloise loves flowers and digging, but she is not so excited about getting dirty.
 My favorite child quote of the week came when Eloise and I were doing laundry the other day.  She asked me if I eat dog food.  I said, "I don't eat dog food because I'm a people.  Dog food is for dogs.  Are you a people, Eloise?"
Eloise answered, "No! I'm not a people! I'm a CHILDREN!"
I'm so glad that my little Petra Pan has not figured out that she is ever going to grow up.

As soon as the sun came out, we rushed to the beach park.  First, we went to Waverly Beach Park.  It was deserted, thanks to school starting last week.  I bought these water sandals for Eloise in June.  It figures that she would finally agree to wear them for the first time during the last week of sunshine of the year, and just as her toes are starting to hang over the ends.  The princess got a tiny bit of water splashed onto her stomach and proudly announced, "I'm wet, Mommy! Wook! I'm all wet!"
 It was such a gorgeous day.  Shadow was a little bit bolder about getting in the water, but waves splashed against the bottom step here one or two times too many, and, after that, Shadow stayed as far from the water as she could.  It was hard for her to stay away, though, since her best playmate, Jared, was not coming out of the water until his lips turned blue.
 B was happy to sit on the bottom step and let the water splash onto him, as long as the splashes weren't too big.  He loves the independence of enjoying the water without me holding onto him.
 One last run to the beach park would have been enough for me, but the following day got up to 90 degrees, and some friends invited us to go with them to the beach.  Eloise walked out into the water on her own, but she did NOT put down her snack until there was nothing left of it.  It's a granola bar that tastes like a "rice Christmas treat."
 It was so hot on Juanita beach that the kids were standing in the water and their faces were still red from the heat.  What they needed to do was sit down in it.  By the time we left, I was pulling Jared out of the wallow he had made in the mud at the edge of the water to lie in.  Sometimes it is very nice that the water in Lake Washington stays around 58 degrees all year.
 Being a chubby baby on a hot day is hard.  Benjamin was the last one in the bathtub after our lake visit (on Wednesday), and I think he still has sand in some less visible areas.
Shadow loved Juanita Beach.  It doesn't have big waves that can knock a small dog down, and it has a zillion people who apparently all want to pet a smelly, wet puppy.  

When we weren't at the beach, we spent a lot of time in the yard.  We enjoyed our grass, and our swing.
 On Thursday we filled up our little pool.  Shadow likes water, water toys, splashing in and out to startle Eloise, and licking pool water off of Benjamin's face.  Eloise refused to get out of the water for over an hour.  I expected her to sit next to the pool and dump water out of it onto the grass, but she hopped right in.  She did dump quite a bit of water onto B's head, but he didn't seem to mind.
 B splashed in the pool until he turned blue, and then I dried him off, turned him loose, and he splashed in the water some more.  Eventually he figured out how to pitch himself forward to actually get in the water.  I don't think he was counting on the nose and mouth full of water which that maneuver earned him.  Even after I fished him out, wrapped him in a towel, and carried him with me, he kept trying to wriggle free to get back to the water.
Our neighbor, Casey, and his mom came over to play while we had the pool out, but Casey isn't really a water boy.  Casey enjoyed a lot of swing time, and Jared played with Shadow and climbed all over the rocks in our yard.
When we were done playing in the pool, and after Casey and Amanda went home, I put Shadow in it for a bath, and then gave her a vaccine.  Jared and Eloise helped by providing Shadow with a steady stream of treats for the whole procedure.
That was the end of sunshine for this week.  We expect to only get glimpses of sun until next May, at the earliest.  The sun never made an appearance on Friday or Saturday. It wasn't raining, so we got in a little bit of blackberry picking, and today participated in a stake service project pulling weeds in a local park. Goodbye again, summer.

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