Friday, September 6, 2013


Rain has returned to Washington far too soon this year.  If summer is going to desert us prematurely, we are going to have our fun without it, and good riddance.  
 In spite of our runny noses, sore throats, and pouring rain, we decided to go on a puddle stomping adventure this morning.  Jared invented a new game: puddle dancing!  I'm seeing some serious possibilities here for the next Humiston sisters' gathering in WA.
 B came along for the ride, and hung in until we started home.  Then he fell asleep.  Poor little B has had the worst of the head cold over the last few days.

Nothing makes us feel good about the end of summer picnics and beach days like the return of hot chocolate.  We came home, dried off, changed our clothes, and officially welcomed fall with the first hot cocoa of the season.
Hot chocolate makes us feel happy.
I can't help hoping that the weather will stay warm long enough for the slow growing tomatoes and pumpkins in our garden to mature, but we are looking forward to a great season of decreased temperatures.  I almost said a great cold season, but the runny noses and fevers of winter are free to go far, far away.

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