Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jared's birthday, Part 2

On Jared's actual birthday, we drove to Carnation, WA to check out a river beach at Tolt-MacDonald Park.  It was a hot day, so, after a brief excursion across the park's walking bridge, Jared jumped right in.  Shadow was right behind him.
B did not want to be left out of the fun.  I hadn't planned to put him in his swimming suit, but he objected strongly to being kept out of the water.
You win, baby.
Here is the crew in the yellow mud.  There were hundreds of tiny fishes swimming around our feet.  Eloise was not a fan of the movement of the water, even thought the river was so wide and slow that she couldn't tell which way it was flowing.
She spent most of her time on the beach walking in the mud along the shore, looking for walking sticks, avoiding Shadow, and watching other children play.
When we were done playing in the water, we meandered over to the picnic area.  Jared's requested birthday dinner was hot dogs, so Todd started the barbecue while I took Jared and Eloise and a sleeping B to the playground.  Tiny little Shadow got all worn out from all of the walking in the hot sun, so Todd gave her a ride on the cooler.
The day was perfect.  The park turned out to be a hidden treasure.  It was the little things, like hanging planter boxes around the picnic area, that showed how well kept the park is.  We will have to come back soon to camp.
After a nap, Benjamin was ready for his meal.
This was a beautiful picnic day.  We could not have planned a better family birthday celebration.
On August 22, Jared and B went to the doctor's office for four year and nine month physicals.  Jared got two shots, which he handled like a pro (no crying!).  Jared weighs 39 lbs., and is 39.4 inches tall.
At four years old, Jared loves reading, singing primary songs, riding his balance bike, especially on trails, and playing with his puppy.  He is learning to put on his own socks, write his name, and do up his own buttons.  He has a million questions about everything.  Jared has some regular responsibilities. Clearing his own dishes from the table at meal times, emptying the silverware from the dishwasher, picking up toys, and keeping Shadow's water dish filled are a few of his daily jobs. He always wears the brightest shirt he can find.
Jared fills our days with sunshine.  Happy birthday, four year old!

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