Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jared turns four, Part 1

On August 17, 2013 we celebrated Jared's birthday with a big back yard party.  We started our party preparations the Monday before by building a pinata.
 We made it out of paper mache.  It took all week for the layers to dry.
 When it was done, Todd decorated it to make it look like a big red dog.
 All that was left after the pinata was done was to make a cake and some cupcakes, and to decorate.  Jared and Eloise were more than happy to help with the cake making.  Jared even decorated the cake himself.  There were a LOT of sprinkles on it.
 The morning of the party, I had to drop off some bountiful baskets that weren't picked up at a fire station.  I brought Jared and Eloise along.  They got a quick tour.  Eloise was too shy to get up on the fire truck.
 Jared even got to try out some of the exercise equipment.
 Here is the birthday boy ready to party.
 The pinata turned out to be surprisingly strong.  We broke a couple of sticks on it before it succumbed.
 The cake was a hit.  The kids all had a great time taking turns in the swing, making fruit loop necklaces, and running around the yard like crazy.
 Aria created a new look with party hats. . .
 . . . which Jared was happy to mimic.
We all had a great time celebrating our four year old.

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