Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grandparents' visit 2013

One of the things that Todd most wanted to do with his parents visiting was to take our new inflatable boat to Lake Washington and row around.  Grandpa arrived on July 2 in the evening.  The next day, we took the boat down to O.O. Denny Park to play.  
 The day turned out to be pretty windy, and I was a weak rower, but Jared really enjoyed the boat.
 Eloise was okay with the boat, but she would just as soon have stayed on the beach with Grandpa and thrown rocks in the water all the time.
 The playground at O.O. Denny is new this year.  These kids will swing for a very long time.  They were yelling, "It's exhilarating!" while Grandpa pushed.
 Grandma broke out the snacks while the women and children waited for the menfolk. The kids are clearly soaked in this picture.  Not bringing the swimming suits was the wrong call for this outing.
 Todd and Kent took great care lashing the boat to our roof for a distance of less than two miles.

The next day was Independence Day.  After last year's parade, we promised Jared that he would get to ride his bike in this year's Independence Day parade.  We instantly regretted our promise, since the city's parade is after our ward breakfast festivities, and right during nap time.  Fortunately, our ward decided to have a children's parade at the breakfast, and Jared was willing to accept that as his parade.  
Under no conditions was Eloise going to surrender her sausage for the parade.  She was the youngest child marching.  She ended up trailing the parade by about ten yards, holding up the boy scout color guard that was following the children.  
Jared was the only child who arrived with wheels, but that didn't stop him from having a great time.  He was all over the park (O.O. Denny) on his bike.
After the breakfast and parade, we headed home for lots of resting before the evening fun.  We had our first barbecue on our new backyard grass.  The yard was leveled while we were away in Idaho, and the sod was put down on July 2.  Nothing says Independence Day like a back yard barbecue.
We took all of the children back to O.O. Denny park for fireworks.  None of the major city displays in the area are visible from here, but the kids were too tired for more than a few minutes of official fireworks anyway.  They had a great time watching individual fireworks being set off around the lake.  We even had some friends show up to join us throwing rocks in the water and watching duck families swim.
The next day, we decided to hike down to O. O. Denny from our neighborhood.  We knew this was possible, and we even found the trail head sometime last year, but the trail is a little bit too steep and long for Jared to walk the whole distance.  We took advantage of having Grandpa visiting to leave Benjamin with him for the hike.  
It was a beautiful, overcast day, but that didn't stop us from getting pretty hot on the hike back up the hill to our house.  
On Saturday, July 6, Todd's last non-Sabbath day off before returning to work on Monday, we took the clan to the Ballard Locks and botanical gardens. It was a busy day for boats.  Here is one of those rare family portraits of our Knight family.  
The next picture is Grandpa with his youngest grandbaby at the fish ladder.  This was taken right before the gigantic Eloise meltdown.  I think she got overwhelmed by the crowd.  She wanted to look at the fish, but not with all of the other people around.  With forty or fifty people trying to look at salmon through five viewing windows, it isn't really possible for a two year old to have her own window, but don't try telling her that.
Grandma and Grandpa got a portrait in the botanical garden.
Here is our tired crew right before heading back to the car.
We had a quick picnic right next to the parking lot.  Benjamin was fast asleep on my back by this point.
I think I can speak for our whole family when I say that we sincerely hope that Grandma and Grandpa make their visit to Washington a regular tradition.  Everything is more fun when they are around.

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