Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting OLDER!

These kids are getting older incredibly fast.  Eloise slept last night without a diaper, which means that she is officially diaper free 100% of the time now.  She was dry in the morning, but that may or may not have been due to a certain Daddy being very anxious about daiperlessness, and getting her up several times to go potty.  I asked her today if she wanted her pacifier for her nap, and she told me, "I don't have a pacifier or a diaper anymore." Whew.  I'm so relieved that she is over the pacifier.  
This big girl suddenly has enough hair for a ponytail. 
 She loves to help with anything she can do.  Here she is cutting mushrooms to put on pizza.
 She wanted to cut the mushrooms because Jared was cutting/eating the olives.  Jared gets sidetracked easily, but he is usually a huge help around the house.  Now that he is almost four, he puts on his own socks.  He also takes care of all of his own bathroom business, as he is fond of bringing up proudly at really inappropriate moments.  Alas, he is still very much three and a half.
 For anyone who has talked to Eloise in the last couple of months and heard about "A jacuzzi and a tomato!"  I have finally solved the mystery of what she was talking about.  We went swimming with friends last Wednesday.  When we arrived at the pool, we discovered that it had a small hot tub next to the children's pool.  Jared excitedly shouted, "A jacuzzi!"  Eloise looked at the hot tub, then she looked at me and said, "I thought a jacuzzi was for eating."
So there you have it, folks.  She thought a jacuzzi was food to be eaten with a tomato.
Her new favorite word is "delectable," which is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard. She quotes from a book, "Do princesses have a favorite vegetable? They find them all delectable!"
 Jared is starting to look like a big kid.  He is getting much less mushy around the edges.  He is still incredibly cuddly, and loves to give hugs.
 Even these big kids sometimes like to pretend they are still babies.  Eloise and Jared helped me learn how to use my wrap for a back carry one day when Todd went to work with my regular carrier in the car.  B was too wiggly to practice wrapping.
 These kids loved being wrap carried.  They were both pretty sad when they had to stop taking rides around so that I could put B in it.
 I had a crazy mom moment last week when I let Eloise make our family home evening treat of no-bake cookies.  She stood at the stove and stirred diligently while I added ingredients.  She did a great job.  I never left her at the stove alone for a single second, but she didn't try to touch the pan or stick her fingers in for tastes.  She waited patiently for the cookies to cool.
Benjamin is passing his own milestones.  He now eats big kid oatmeal (no more texture-less baby cereal for this guy), and he can crawl! He started crawling forward on Saturday (Aug. 10), with a sort of awkward swim crawl, but he has refined his technique.  He is still dragging himself across the floor, but he is getting very efficient about it.  I have to watch him very carefully because he is getting faster and faster by the hour, and he is dying to get his hands on anything paper or small enough to fit completely into his mouth.  
Eloise is no fan of B's new development.  She runs away from him yelling, "He's getting me!"  Or "B wants my book!"  I hope she adapts quickly to him crawling, because he will be climbing, pulling up, and walking before we know it.  
I think having a third child in our family makes all of the milestones and achievements of all of the kids blink past us so quickly that I can hardly keep up.  So many times I have wished that I could just preserve a moment for a little bit longer. but these babies just keep getting older and older.

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