Sunday, July 28, 2013

The 2013 Blueberry Disaster

Grandpa Michael was in the Seattle area working for a few days, so one afternoon he came up so that we could go blueberry picking.  You may remember all of the fun we had last year at blueberry time.  This year, foolishly, I decided to go to the same blueberry farm.  It was getting late in the day by the time we got out the door, and this is the closest farm that I knew.
 We got a pretty good start.  The bushes were a little picked over, but the kids were having fun.  Eloise had to be watched closely because she was eating berries of any color off of the bushes.
 Yes, they are wearing capes again.  Capes are big around here, lately.  The blueberry fields were dryer and warmer than last year.  My dad is a great berry picker, so I had high hopes for getting a few pounds of berries, even with me constantly stopping to pull green berries out of Eloise's mouth, and Jared raiding our buckets for ripe berries to eat.
 Eloise gave me a minor scare when she looked like she was about to fall off of the little bridge into the farm ditch, but she recovered, so we didn't have an exact repeat of last year.  Just when we were moving away from the farm ditch, and I was breathing a little easier, Grandpa Michael discovered a wasps nest.
The way he discovered it was like this: he started picking berries off of a bush, and two wasps came out to sting him.  his full bucket went flying as he jumped away.  We recovered a lot of the berries, along with a lot of grass, but the wasps were persistent in their threats, so we eventually had to abandon a significant portion of our day's work on the ground.  The kids were pretty worn out by then, too, so we decided to call it a day with three pounds of berries.  
It was fun to see my dad, and to get some free labor out of him.  I am enjoying fresh blueberries right now in a blueberry streusel muffin.    

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