Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sending off the Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa Knight came to visit from July 1, when we left Idaho, to July 15.  They left early in the morning on the 16th.  Jared and Eloise loved having them here.  After they were gone, Eloise didn't completely register their absence.  She told me several times over the next few days that she was ready to go downstairs to the guest bedroom and play "candy crunch" with Grandpa on his "ice pad" (iPad).
We also loved having babysitters staying in our house all of the time.  Todd and I got to go see a movie one night, and on the last Friday they were here, Todd and I took off for our first night together without children in four years.  We stayed in a hotel, and we got to sleep in!  Then we went to the temple together before we went home.
That afternoon we celebrated our beautiful new grass with a mini barbecue.  We invited Valerie, Annette's cousin, who happened to have her mom, Aunt Jean, here visiting (for the wedding of Val's youngest daughter, Brenna, on July 27).  Val's son, Zach, also came.  We roasted hot dogs and chatted while the kids stuffed their faces with chips and watermelon and painted themselves in potato salad.
 Eloise ate with her superhero cape on.  You never know when you are going to have to rescue someone.  It's best to be prepared.
 Jared is just as snuggly and affectionate now as he was as a squishy newborn baby.  Having grandma around with an ever available lap made him one happy boy.
 Cousins!  Val and Benjamin are first cousins twice removed.  Can you see a family resemblance?
It was a great way to end my vacation.  It was definitely a vacation for me with so many extra willing hands around to help with the kids and the house work.  The kids are going to miss all of the spontaneous "rice Christmas treats" that Grandpa makes, sneaking sips of coke, videos on the iPad, and Grandma's purse as a nearly bottomless source of gum.  They also miss Grandma and Grandpa.  All of Jared's pretend travels since they left have been to Arizona.  We are looking forward to seeing you again at Christmas, GPs! Thanks for everything!

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