Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa endure a final, exhausting week of nonstop grandchildren.

Sunday, July 7 was Todd's last day of vacation before he had to go back to work.  We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home and church, with a short walk/ride over to feed the neighborhood horses a carrot in the evening.  
 We spent a lot of time relaxing around the house and I enjoyed taking advantage of Grandma and Grandpa being here to let them take care of the kids a lot.  We do love our outings, though.  On Monday we took Grandma to Kelsey Creek Farm.  We saw the animals, played on the playgrounds, and ended with a picnic.
 Eloise took off her jacket for the picnic, and then sat on the shady side of the table.  She kept telling me, "Mommy! I'm FREEZING!" But she really didn't want her jacket back on.
 Eloise takes a long time to eat.  Jared had time to explore and comment on just about everything there was to see from our picnic table before she finally decided that she was done.  We were well into nap time by then, so, of course, there were tears over leaving the park.
 On Tuesday we went to Juanita Beach Park.  We didn't know that there was a children's concert at the park on Tuesday morning, so the parking lot was crowded.  We avoided the concert and went straight to the beach.
 It was a gorgeous day for swimming.
 Benjamin got his first taste of sand.  I don't think he was intending to shove fistfuls of it into his mouth.  He was just feeling it.  When he later chewed on his fists and ended up eating a lot of sand, I think he was surprised.
 Grandma was a good sport for building sand castles while Eloise spent a long time eating her snack and supervising the builders.  We stayed until everyone was way too tired, again.  I think I need to stop giving in when the children keep asking for more time at the park.
 Jared creates very long and complicated pretends while he plays with his toys.  Lately, this has resulted in matchbox cars being "parked" all over the house in very awkward places.  I have been meaning to make him a parking lot for some time, and I finally got around to it while Grandma and Grandpa were here.  Jared and Eloise were tasked with decorating their parking garage, so it got about six marker lines on it before these spartan decorators decided it was fit for play.  Not inside play, of course, since the weather is nice, and Washington has that law that you have to be outside if the sun ever shines.  We are having a family love affair with the grass.
 Other fun for the week included lots of Grandpa time.  Silly boys.
 I think their smiles match.
 Todd ordered us a porch swing to enjoy with our new grass.  The new swing got the Jared and Eloise stamp of approval.  Benjamin is also a fan of the swing.  One night, when he thought he was hungry at 2 a.m., and I refused to feed him (if you feed him once. . .), we spent half an hour swinging in the middle of the night.  Swinging outside in the cool night air had a calming effect on angry baby.  I wasn't immediately convinced that we needed the porch swing, but that experience converted me.
 There is some Grandpa voodoo magic that draws grandchildren to him.  Even when they haven't seen him for months and months, they warm up to him instantly.  Some of it may have to do with the M&Ms he sneaks them, and the iPad videos and games, but I think they just like his good natured teasing, and his endless patience with their questions and requests.
Can I just say again how much we love having Grandma and Grandpa here?  If only we could somehow make Seattle and Tucson closer.

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