Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday evening, Todd and I miraculously found a (really good) babysitter on very short notice and got to go on a date with friends.  We went to a movie at a theater that serves dinner and drinks during the movie, so we got carded at the door.  I have never been carded before.  How weird is that?  Am I the only person in America who has made it to the age of 26 without ever having to show ID to prove my age?
Anyway, the movie that we were planning to see was sold out by the time we got there (on a Tuesday night), so we ended up seeing Wolverine in 3D.  I've never been to a 3D movie before, either! It was a night of firsts for me.   Of course we saved our 3D glasses for the kids to play with.  I, for one, did not anticipate the level of their enthusiasm for 3D glasses.  
Jared asked what the purpose of the glasses was.  I explained that they are supposed to make it look like the movie you are watching is popping out into the room.  Apparently this effect still occurs when you are not in a 3D movie theater.  Jared noticed things popping out and looking very lifelike all over the place today.  "Mom! It looks like things in the mirror are going to pop out into the room!"  "Mommy! Things are popping out all around in the yard!"

Here are a few of the places where 3D glasses were worn today.

At home, of course:
 Putting on shoes to go out on the town:
 On the toilet, naturally:
 In the car:
 Sitting in library story time.
 In the library lobby:
 Calling the elevator:
 In the elevator, while eating graham crackers:
And at home again.  
The glasses were worn all day.  Apparently life needs a little help looking realistic and lifelike.  You can't beat these kids for fashion, either.

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