Saturday, June 1, 2013

Real Smiles!

Here are some real smiles from the munchkins on the playground for your enjoyment.  
These pictures were taken on Thursday.  Miss Independent Eloise climbed up a ladder that she got herself stranded on last time we were at Big Finn Hill Park.  It was all I could do to sit and let her try it on her own.  She aced it, of course, but I felt a little bit like I lost something.  There is one less thing in the world that this baby needs me for.  I am a little bit sad to see her growing up and mastering new things so quickly.  
 Three and a half year old Jared is full of an ebullient energy at all times.  He doesn't walk anymore; he skips and hops to the rhythm of his enthusiasm.  Everything is SO EXCITING!!!  It is really fun (and exhausting) to watch him leap and hop and skip through his days.  Today I took Jared with me to pick up some baby portraits of Benjamin that I finally got around to ordering.  As we were walking (I was walking, Jared was skip-hop-stop-jogging) through the busy mall, he spotted something inside a store, so he screamed out at the top of his lungs, "AN ESCALATOR!!!" Every eye in the mall was instantly on us.  Don't worry.  I made sure he got to ride on the escalator.
 B was also at the playground with us on Thursday, but it was a blustery day, so he was bundled up, and spent the whole time at the playground in my arms.  It's hard to take a picture of a baby you are holding.  Here is one from earlier in the day.
B is starting to be a little wiggler.  He loves to be tickled and startled, and he has a smile for everyone.  Eloise will put her face close to his and report, "He sees you! Ben-amin 'miled at you!"  I love this mixing up pronouns phase, this ebullient phase, and this smiling at everyone phase.  I am the happiest mom in the world.

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