Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of the School Year

Last Friday was the last day of Jared's preschool for the school year.  Since the kids learned the letter Z for their last week, the final day was a field trip to the zoo.  We went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah. I had heard it was a little bit smaller and more manageable for small kids than the Woodland Park Zoo.
The cost of admission is a little high for the size of the zoo, but it was more the right size for these kids.
 Baby line!  Mason is 18 months, Evelyn is 14 months, and Benjamin is 6 months old.  B was the only one to fall asleep in the zoo.
 Possibly my favorite thing about the zoo was the sign above the tiger cage warning that tigers can pee up to 20 feet.  You can stand much closer to the tigers than that.
Cougar Mountain Zoo also boasts the largest collection of life sized bronze animal statuary in the country.  They probably have more bronze than real animals.  
 By the time we got to the reindeer exhibit, I felt like a vending machine.  My kids asked for snacks any time they saw anyone (human or animal) getting fed.  The children were also pretty tired.  I found Jared lying on the ground at one point, so I decided it was time for lunch.  After lunch with friends, and about eight potty trips (not exaggerating), we headed home.
 Because we ran out of alphabet letters, preschool is over for the year.  One of the moms decided to have a little preschool graduation ceremony/ play date at her house.  We started with a craft; making these graduation caps.
 All of the graduates: Jared, Ashlyn, Jason, and Lucy.  Jason and Ashlyn are turning five this summer.
 Jason's mom, Kristy, presented each of the kids with a diploma, and there were snacks.  Most of the pictures I took were ridiculously blurry because Benjamin was extra wiggly in my arms, but someone else took this one:
 I'm so proud of my growing up boy!

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