Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Weather

We have had such unseasonably amazing weather over the last few weeks that I have been too busy enjoying every waking moment outside to document it on the blog.  So here are some highlights of our good weather activities.
One day, while Jared was at preschool, I took Eloise and Benjamin to Saint Edward State Park to play.
 Saint Edward isn't the closest playground to home, but it is the closest playground with swings.  Benjamin always loves to swing, if he is awake at the park.
 Eloise begs to "wing."  She would spend all of her time at the park swinging, if she didn't love digging in the sand so much.
 Jared heard about our outing without him, and demanded that we do a repeat with him the following day.
 That afternoon, after naps, we planted a little garden.
 The next day, Todd was feeling left out of all of the park fun, so we picked him up after library story time for a lunch picnic at Waverly Beach Park.
 The kids were exhausted by the time we left the park, but here in Washington, we get a little bit desperate for these warm, sunny days.  It is almost a crime to not be outside if the sun is shining.
On April 30, we stopped at Juanita Beach park to throw some stale buns to the ducks.  On the way there we stopped to visit a friend, who told us that there were ducklings at the park.  We were surprised to find ducklings and goslings on the beach!  I only have a picture of the ducklings, though, because the geese were very protective of their young.  I guess they didn't want their images exploited.  
 This was a sunny day, but not such a warm one.
 On May 3, we went back to Kelsey Creek Farm to see the promised piglets.  I was a little disappointed to discover that the "piglets" were basically fully grown pigs.  Jared and Eloise didn't mind.  They love the farm.
Benjamin slept most of the time we were at the farm.  When he finally woke up, I discovered that I had forgotten to bring his hat.  Fortunately I had this newborn sized cap, which I managed to squeeze onto his sleepy little head so that the sun would stay out of his eyes.  
 Warm weather inevitably means lots of exploration of the woods. . .

 . . . and bike riding in the driveway.
 The minute the weather hit 70 degrees, Todd decided it was pool weather.  He is a little homesick for Arizona, I think.  Seventy degrees is not exactly pool weather, especially when there is a strong spring breeze.
 Eloise and Jared humored him.  They captured a little more heat on the black top driveway.  We definitely had to cheat and bring hot water out from the tap to warm the pool, though.
 We had a picnic in the yard when the kids were thoroughly frozen from the pool.

 A few days later, it was only 68 degrees out, but Jared and Eloise demanded water and popsicles.  I think they might be a little tiny bit spoiled.
 We had to hit the splash pad at Grass Lawn Park with some friends who live a few blocks from there.  Jared and Eloise spent the whole time at the park refusing to consider entering the water.  They decided they were ready to get in just as I was deciding that it was time to go.  They got about five minutes of good water time.
 The warm weather has been a great excuse to spend as much time as possible with the toddlers and preschoolers who live on our block.  Every chance we get, we walk around the block to see if Casey or Owen is outside, or we send a text to see if they want to come over and play.

Todd and Jared went on a campout on Friday night (May 17).  It was a fathers and sons campout put on by our stake.  They were both really excited.  Jared was so excited that he stayed up until 10:30 in the tent, and then woke up at the crack of 5:30 to enjoy camping even more.  We had a similarly poor night's sleep at home, since Benjamin was awake every hour with congestion.  The boys had a great time camping, though.  Even though they came home exhausted, I don't think Jared will forget the experience anytime soon.

  I took Eloise and Benjamin for a run on Saturday morning.  Eloise asks for a stroller ride every single day. We go on "color walks," where we identify colors of things that we see.  Sometimes we play, "I want to see."  This is a game where you say something that you want to see, and then everyone has to watch for it and call out when they see it.  On Saturday's run, we ended up at Big Finn Hill Park.
 Eloise called out, "Look, Mom! I'm going up!" And to herself she added, "And up, and up, and over the top of the milky way in the night kitchen."  There is a strong influence of Maurice Sendak in her young life.
 Eloise is currently obsessed with spray bottles.  She will keep spraying for an hour at a time, or until she runs out of water.  I designated last Wednesday a "Yes day" to combat some stress and negativity, and hopefully whatever was causing Jared to have potty accidents more often than Eloise.  Yes day means that I have to say yes to anything the kids ask for, except for later bedtimes or no naps.  They spent the morning asking to ride bikes in the driveway.  After naps they wanted candy, and then they wanted to go to Google and pick up Daddy, then have pizza and a movie for dinner.  When we went to pick up Todd, Eloise wanted to bring her spray bottle so that she could "spray Google!"
 Jared takes good care of our garden.  Our peas have sprung up.  They were as excited to see the sun as we were.  In Western Washington, you plant your garden as the weather is warm and dry enough for the different plants.  We planted our peas at the end of April, a second batch of peas a week and a half later, and cucumbers and spinach went into the ground last week.  The first week in June we can plant our pumpkins and zucchini.  The tomatoes will move outside whenever they are big enough, and my neighbor tells me that I need a stretch of sunny days or else transplanting tomatoes will end in disaster.  We shall see.  I have never had a garden before, so watching seeds turn into plants has been really exciting.
Since the beginning of May has been so warm and sunny, I am sure we can expect a dark and gloomy June, but here in the rainforest we enjoy the sun when we can.

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