Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Foul Weather

Of course we can't be outside all of the time.  Even with a sunny spell, this is still Washington.  Here are some things we have been doing inside, and when the weather is not so nice.
One rainy day, I put Jared and Eloise to work painting a shelf that I recently acquired for Jared's room.  After Eloise finally decided to stop crying about having to put on a painting shirt, it was a lot of fun.
 I recommend toddlers for slapping twenty coats of one color of paint onto wood.  I just followed their dabs and splotches with some smooth strokes of my own. . .
 . . . and we have an adorable train shelf that matches the primary color scheme of Jared's room.
Now we just have to get around to hanging the shelf. It's going to be really cute with Jared's little toy train on it.  Don't hold your breath for a picture of the completed project.  I'm not that organized.

About a week after Eloise turned two, it occurred to me that she was probably capable of potty training.  I don't really buy waiting until kids are three or asking to be potty trained before moving them out of diapers, but my philosophies of potty training are evolving.  Mostly I was just tired of dealing with rashes, which get more frequent as kids get older and have more varied diets, and I didn't want to be diapering two kids anymore.  On Saturday, April 27, in the morning, Eloise woke up, and we informed her that she had outgrown her diapers in the night.  The following three days were a disaster.  By Monday evening it was easier to find a damp spot than a dry spot on the carpet.  On Tuesday I started setting a timer for Eloise to use the potty every twenty minutes, and she really came through.
Now she is pretty good about telling me when she needs to use the potty, except for her twice a day #2 trip.  She is figuring it all out, though, and fast.  She still has a diaper at night (she still hasn't figured out that she can get out of bed without help), and sometimes she naps with a diaper, and sometimes she doesn't.  Jared has been very supportive.  He loves to sit with her while she is on her potty, and, for the first couple of weeks, every time she had results in the potty, he would jump up and squeal, "I'm so PROUD!"  He even carried around a bead necklace that he called his "proud necklace," and would put on for a few minutes every time Eloise had potty success.  He even insisted on taking the proud necklace with us when we went out of the house, tucked in its own special pocket in the diaper bag.
Todd has found potty training with a girl very educational.  At church yesterday he learned that a girl can pee forward over the toilet seat if she is not situated properly.

In other news, my brother, Seth, just joined the Army National Guard.  He left for basic training on May 14.  I don't think I could be prouder of my baby brother, all grown up.

Eloise LOVES looking at pictures on my phone, the computer, or the tablet.  She usually doesn't get to, since she ALWAYS cries when we are done.  Usually we hide our devices from her so that she doesn't start having a fit about looking at pictures.  This makes it hard for me to take pictures.  Any time she sees a camera come out, she starts begging/crying/screaming to be allowed to look at pictures.  Every once in a while I give in.  Here is a self portrait Eloise took while she was browsing pictures of herself a week ago.
Eloise and Jared crack me up.  They think of the craziest games.  Eloise spent one entire afternoon going from one person's shoes to another.  She wore Jared's shoes, then my shoes, then she put on her own shoes on the wrong feet.  While we were reading scriptures she pulled out a pair of Daddy's shoes, and tramped around in them until she fell down.
I don't know what it is with these kids and cribs, but they love to be confined in small spaces, I guess.  We put away the cradle because Benjamin was getting enormous, and because Eloise kept trying to climb in and almost tipping it over on herself.  We haven't decided where Benjamin is going to sleep when he leaves our room, so we are using playpens for him to sleep in now.  So why not lie in a playpen in their underwear to brush their teeth? Why on earth not?
For mothers' day this year, my family got me the greatest gift ever.  They hired one of the young women from our church group to come over two mornings a week to help me out.  She is helping me tackle some of the things that haven't been cleaned since before B was born.  As Jared told me yesterday afternoon, "When Jolene comes over, we work." It is amazing to have two extra hands a couple of times a week.  Best. Present. Ever.  So far we have cleaned out the refrigerator and the microwave, disinfected floors, and done a major grocery shopping trip in under an hour.  It is miraculous.  
Happy rainy day!  Ours always are.

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