Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy, happy birthday, Eloise, dear!

Today is Eloise's birthday.  She is two.  We celebrated on Saturday, starting with balloons in her bed when she woke up in the morning.
 I think she liked it.
 We didn't plan anything big for Eloise's birthday this year because she gets skittish in new environments, or with people she doesn't know well, and we wanted her to be able to be comfortable and enjoy her special day.  We played with balloons all day, and then we had cake and ice cream as a family before dinner.  Notice that Jared is already covered in chocolate from licking the cake batter spoon.
Jared was probably most excited about the eventual popping of the balloons.  He kept asking if it was time to pop the balloons yet. Well, he was pretty excited about cake, too.
Benjamin was wondering, if he looks really cute, will we give him some cake, too?
Eloise is getting a playhouse bed from Mom and Dad, but we haven't painted and assembled it, yet.  So the one and only present she opened was The Cat in the Hat from Grandma Jill, complete with the a stuffed cat companion.  Eloise carries it around and pushes it in the doorway jumper like a swing.
Today, on Eloise's actual birthday, Jared's preschool, for T week, had a field trip to a trampoline place that does toddler time on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Eloise was really excited to go jump on trampolines, but (as I suspected would happen) the minute we walked in the door, she changed her mind about trampolines being exciting, and started to cry.  Jared jumped right in.
Here is Jared an hour into the jumping, having a little rest in the foam pit while the rest of his preschool class plays.

Eloise parked herself on a chair with a ball, and I was afraid that she was going to stay there the whole time, but I eventually negotiated her out onto the trampolines.  A few minutes later she let me put her down.  A few minutes later she let go of my hand to take a few jumps on her own.
Eloise never got very comfortable with trampolines.  Ten minutes before the end of toddler trampoline time she announced that she was ready to put her shoes and jacket back on.  When the other kids joined us, we shared some birthday treats- chocolate chip cookies.
As we were leaving, Eloise told me that trampolines are fun.  A couple of weeks ago, Jared told me how nice his little friend is right after she hit him in the face with a toy.  I'm giving both statements the same amount of credence.  We made the right call having a small family birthday party this year.
My friend Kristy told me this morning that nothing on earth is cuter than a two year old girl.  I'm pretty sure that she is right.  Happy birthday, Princess!

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