Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Our Easter was busy and full of fun, starting on Saturday with a picnic at the park. 
Benjamin had his first experience in the swing.  Don't let the stare fool you.  He was a lot more enthusiastic about swinging than either Eloise or Jared their first time.  
We stayed at the park until the nap time breakdown.  After Eloise napped, we reconvened for egg dyeing.  Someone (adult pictured below) was concerned about getting dye all over the house, and insisted on dyeing eggs outside,  What he should have been worried about was a couple of hungry little Knights eating all of the eggs before they could make it into the dye.  
 He should also have worried about the possibility that handing an almost two year old a color tablet to drop in a cup of vinegar would result in the child immediately popping the candy sized tablet into her mouth.  Fortunately, the yellow color on her lips and tongue faded after a couple of hours, the tablet wasn't swallowed, and, in spite of everything I read online about artificial colors in foods, Eloise's behavior did not appear to be significantly altered after ingesting pure yellow.
 Proof that Benjamin and I witnessed all of the egg-citement:
 A few days before Easter we received an Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  The kids got new clothes.
 Jared and Benjamin were semi-cooperative models.  Eloise prefers to be on the other side of the camera.  She was much more interested in the toy cars that came in the package.
 Easter morning we had an egg hunt.  Eloise, once again, just wanted to eat.  She let Jared find most of the eggs.
 I wonder how much longer we are going to be able to get away with filling the Easter eggs with goldfish, raisins, and teddy grahams.
 There weren't any complaints this year.
 B enjoyed the fun from the jumper.  This toy is a lot more exciting with siblings.  Eloise likes to spin B around in circles.  Today she asked me to hang it up so that her bear could swing.  Better the bear than the brother.
After Jared and Eloise were ready for church, they went in the front yard with Todd, and did egg hunt reenactments for half an hour until it was time to go.

Church was a good opportunity to reflect on the reason for Easter.  We had a great program, with music and speakers celebrating the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

After church, we had Easter dinner with a family from church who have ten month old twins.  It was a busy, happy day.  Happy Easter!

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