Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Sun

The sun is out! Could it be spring?  We have had a string of sunny days.  On March 7 a tractor got dropped off at the building site next door, so March 8 we went on our walk/bike ride around the block and came home to watch the tractor from our back yard. 
 While we were outside, it was a good opportunity to play,
 and dig in the sand pile that used to be our slippery brick patio.  Boots have become part of Eloise's regular uniform, since she will run directly for any puddle she sees, whether she has boots on or not.
 On Saturday, March 9, we went on a family hike through the woods to St. Edward State Park.  I carried Benjamin, Todd carried Eloise, and Jared walked almost all of the way.  Round trip it was about 3.4 miles.  We stopped at this table for a snack right before we got to the playground.
 It was a beautiful day, and the playground was very crowded.
I was at the playground with the kids again on Monday, and there was hardly anyone there.  The weather was a little cooler and overcast.
Could it be spring?  Not likely.  Early Tuesday morning (2 a.m.) Jared woke up itchy and covered in spots.  We were worried that there might be bugs in his bed, so we changed his pajamas and his sheets, gave him benadryl for his spots, and put him back in bed.  In the morning it was pretty obvious that what he had was hives.  On Wednesday he had the hives plus massive swelling in his feet, so we took him to the doctor's office.  The doctor said it was all part of the same allergic reaction to something. He was probably having an allergic reaction to a virus.  He has completely recovered by now, but runny noses and mild coughs seem to be hanging on for the duration in our house.  The budding leaves on the plants are giving us hope for warmer temperatures and the end of cold and flu season, but we aren't there yet.

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