Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How fun it is to play outside

(Title by Jared)
Washington has been giving us some very clear signs of spring.  Even though we had snow one day last week, and spent another 8 hours without power when a windstorm blew a couple of trees over onto nearby power lines, we have seen enough sunshine and green little leaf buds emerging for us to start some garden seeds.
 Although temperatures have been creeping up toward 60 degrees, most mornings are still below 40, so we aren't quite ready to plant outside yet.
 Do you know what spring means to baby? Growth spurt.  Benjamin has a new skill.  He doesn't roll over, yet, but he tilts his head to see what is above it as he lies on his back, and then pushes with his feet until he reaches it.  B is our first baby to start crawling on his back. Who needs rolling?
 Last Thursday, while Jared was in preschool, I took Eloise to swing and feed ducks at the park.  At 9:30 a.m. the weather was still frigid, but we had fun.
 Eloise liked that she could swing as much as she wanted, and that she could push the stroller instead of needing to ride.  She also liked being the center of my attention for a couple of hours.  Benjamin did not like the icy wind, but he coped by falling asleep very quickly.
 Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day. We picked Jared up from preschool and walked to the park for a picnic lunch.  We found every child under school age from all of the surrounding neighborhoods enjoying the park.  Okay, not every child, but it was very crowded on the playground.
After naps, we went outside to enjoy some more sunshine.  Jared took advantage of the time to cruise around our driveway on his bike.
 Eloise really wanted to play in the back yard, but I was going with Jared to the front yard, so Eloise, who usually wants my help with everything, surprised me by getting her own shovel and bucket, and walking herself down the treacherous and uneven steps into the backyard to dig in the sand.  She joined us in the front a little bit later, and rode around on her bike calling out, "I'm balancing!" Just like Jared.
 This guy never gets his picture taken when we are out playing because he spends the whole time with Mom.  He has never even been in the stroller, since both seats are usually taken, and snuggling with Mom is warmer anyway.  Here he is right after coming in, all cross eyed and adorable.  
Happy not freezing weather and sunshine, Seattle!

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