Monday, March 18, 2013

Erin go Bragh

On Friday we had a play date with our neighbors with a St. Patrick's Day theme.  First, we had to get ready.  Eloise is a great helper.  Is this the first picture I have ever gotten of her keeping a headband on?  The headband (and the vacuuming) lasted for about three minutes.  
 Benjamin joined us for lunch before the party.  I love this chubby little smile.
 Then friends came.  Two of our neighbors got sick (more proof that winter isn't over yet), and one other friend who was supposed to come couldn't make it, so it was small, but fun.  We read a St. Patrick's day story, and played a game.  Colored pieces of paper got stuck all over our upstairs.  We had to collect them and turn them into a rainbow so that a leprechaun could leave us a prize at the end of the rainbow.  The prize was stickers, of course.  Stickers are big at our house lately.
 We had green snacks, and had a great time playing.  Owen and Casey loved drumming on the exercise ball.
Eloise was a little bit shy with other children in the house, but she started to get comfortable with everyone just in time for them to go home.
It was a low key party, but we love to get together with the neighborhood kids.

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