Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is winter? Where is the rain?

It has only been raining at night or in the early morning this week, so we have had lots of chances to go outside.  Jared and Eloise are much happier when they get some outside time every day, so one day we went puddle stomping.  
Eloise usually just likes to throw rocks in the puddles.  Jared was wet up to his waist when we went home.  He couldn't figure out how his socks could have gotten wet with his boots on.

 Since puddles make kids awfully wet, the rest of the afternoons this week we just went for nature walks.  On Wednesday, Jared saw an old lady power walking through the woods with her walking sticks, so he now considers walking sticks to be essential to his hikes.
 Jared tears through the woods in search of walking sticks, logs to jump off of, "tree grass" (moss), and very muddy spots to "fall down" in.  Eloise likes to do everything Jared does, just not quite so fast, or from quite so high, and as long as she doesn't get too dirty.
 On Thursday we walked all of the way to St. Edward State Park playground (1.6 miles).  Eloise rode in the stroller for most of the trip, but Jared walked every step with his two sticks in hand, and a backpack full of snacks, water, and (as I discovered later) a large collection of toy blocks.  I'm impressed that he would hike that far without complaining.
Unfortunately, we can't be playing outside all of the time.  Someone has to get these stories read!
 The workers on the house next door would probably not know how to go on without their small audience.  The house got painted yesterday.  Eloise thought the painter, in his white jump suit, looked like a snowman.  "Dat yook yike a noman!"
 Jared got very excited about Valentine's day.  We had planned to have some neighbor kids come over to decorate Valentine cookies with us, but Eloise still has a runny nose, and an occasional cough that she picked up on our road trip, so we have been staying away from other children.
Instead, Jared and Eloise wrote letters to some of their cousins.  Jared declared that he was showing love to people because it was Valentine's day.
Here are my cute and cuddly valentines.  I'm the luckiest girl alive.  
I shouldn't have said anything about it not raining.  As I was writing this, a torrential downpour started outside.  We may be looking for some creative indoor activities next week.  

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