Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Faces

Benjamin turned three months old this week.  Then he caught his first cold. I guess that is his first move toward independence.  Eloise has finally settled on a nickname for her brother.  One day last week, he sneezed, so she piped up with, "Bless you, B!"  Now we call him B.  Aunt Cheyenne says that reducing his name to one letter gives him street cred.  I'm afraid it evokes more of a furry, buzzing insect in my mind.

I was digging through a box of my things from high school this afternoon, looking for something to help me with a presentation that I am giving to the girls in my church group this week, when I stumbled upon this little gem.
 It's a picture of Benjamin in pink! Just kidding,  It is me at three or four months old.  The similarities are pretty striking, though.
Benjamin might be a little bit fatter than I was, but look at our eyebrows, our noses, our mouths. . .
For comparison purposes, here is the parent Baby B doesn't take after, around the same age.
Okay, maybe B looks a little tiny bit like his daddy.  A very tiny bit.

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supercheyenne said...

No. B does not look like his daddy, but that picture makes me realize how much Eloise does.