Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Knights After Christmas

On December 28 I dropped Grandma Jill off at the airport for the next phase of her adventures.  I'm sure she was massively relieved to be on her way out of our house after our SEVEN doctor's visits during her time here.  In the same trip to the airport, I picked up Grandma and Grandpa Knight, who were anxious to meet their newest grandson.  
On Sunday, December 30, Benjamin was given a name and a blessing during our sacrament meeting.  After church, we took a family picture.  
Eloise was really ready for a nap.  This is how most of our pictures turn out.  
Later, when naps were over,  we tried again.  This time we started with Grandma and Grandpa, and little Benjamin Kent.  
Gma and Gpa with the next generation of Knights.
It turns out that tiredness has nothing to do with Eloise's lack of patience for picture taking.  
Jared lasted a little bit longer.
Eventually, though, everyone except Benjamin started to look a little weary of pictures.  
The kids had a great time playing with their grandparents.  Here Jared demonstrates supporting his baby's head while he gives it a "bottle."  Jared takes his responsibilities as a big brother very seriously.  
The temperature plummeted during their week here.  We took a walk down to see our neighborhood horses.  We usually stomp in puddles on the pitted dirt road next to the horses, but this time we broke a lot of puddle ice instead.
Jared and Eloise love this new bike trailer/stroller that was a baby gift from Todd's coworkers.  They like sitting together, as long as neither of them moves.
Grandma went out for a run one day and came home with a stack of coloring books.  Jared and Eloise got right to work, under Grandma's supervision.
Benjamin was circumcised on Thursday, January 3.  Here he is waiting for the doctor.  He handled the procedure manfully.
Benjamin was the man of the hour all week.
He enjoyed lots of cuddle time with his grandparents.  I enjoyed all of that time to get other things done.
Grandma even changes diapers.
Jared and Eloise really enjoyed bonding with Grandpa, his iPad, and his soda.  Jared discovered where Grandpa was keeping his coke in our colder-than-the-refrigerator kitchenette, and was VERY willing to bring Grandpa a new coke, whether he needed one or not.
Eloise adores her grandpa.  She talks about Grandpa all of the time, whether he is here or not.
Grandma and Grandpa Knight left for home on January 6, early in the morning.  Jared cried.
A week later, Eloise woke up from her nap and started to do her usual accounting for her family members.  "Jared aseep.  Daddy at Google.  Grampa aseep downstairs."  I guess she is in denial, or else she just misses her grandpa a lot.  We all miss Gma and Gpa Knight, and wish that they could have stayed longer.

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