Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Firsts

For a tiny little baby like Benjamin, almost everything is a first.  Last night, for example, was his first time sleeping for six consecutive hours (hurrah!).  For Jared and Eloise, firsts are getting more rare.  January 6 was Jared's first day in primary; our church's organization for children.  He was wildly excited to be a Sunbeam.  Here he is, all ready to go.  
 He was excited to be in primary until he was actually lining up with his class to go in.  Then he had second thoughts.  Primary turned out to be wonderful, of course.  Todd and I went in to watch him from the back of the room for a couple of minutes to see how he adjusted.  A member of the primary presidency asked the children, "What day is it today?"  Jared popped up and said, "It's fast Sunday!  But my daddy ate breakfast anyway because he is sick."  I can see that we are going to have to be careful what we tell that boy, if we don't want it repeated at church.

Todd was still sick on January 6.  He went to urgent care after church and came home with two new prescriptions to help him with his winter asthma.  He had a bad go of it for a while there, but he is breathing and sleeping normally again.

With all of the three year olds moving into Primary, Eloise is the only child left in her nursery class (for 18 months to 3 years).  I was worried that she would have a crisis with Jared leaving, but she doesn't seem to have noticed the absence of the other children.

As another first, on January 8, at the age of 20.5 months, Eloise got her first haircut.  Her hair was much longer in the back than in the front, and no matter how much I brushed it, it was impossible to keep it from looking like a rat's nest in the back the majority of the time.  
 And her curls stuck out about three inches over her ears.
 I debated taking her to a salon to get a professional cut, but I decided that Eloise would probably handle that very poorly.  She isn't a fan of strange adults.  If anyone is going to approach her head with pointy scissors, it should be me.  I watched a couple of tutorials on cutting baby hair on youtube, then turned on an Elmo video and hacked away.  Here are a couple of before pictures:

Here is the finished cut, still wet:
 Eloise was happy with it.  I think she was pretty relieved that her haircut did not involve noisy clippers, like Jared's haircuts.
Baby Patti-Pat was a good haircut companion.

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Colette Campbell said...

Seriously, she's the ONLY kid left in nursery? I didn't know that ever actually happened, except in retirement community wards. After we cleared out our 10 new sunbeams we still have 11 or 12 kids left in nursery. At least she doesn't mind. I guess having all the toys to herself isn't too bad, huh?