Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, 2012, Jared came into my room and told me that he needed to use the potty.  I was awake anyway feeding Benjamin, so I sent him into the master bathroom.  All of a sudden, Jared was sitting on the toilet throwing up all over the rest of the bathroom.  I cleaned him up, gave him a drink of water, and sent him back to bed, hoping against hope that it was just the Christmas excitement upsetting his stomach.  Two hours later he was up again, throwing up.  Sure enough, par for the course of our December, Jared got a 24 hour stomach bug on Christmas day and spent most of the day throwing up.
In spite of his busy night, Jared was up at dawn, bubbling with Christmas excitement.  When he found his shiny red balance bike under the Christmas tree, he announced, "My new bike makes my tummy feel better!" and proceeded to cruise around the house.
 Daddy set up breakfast at this little table from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  Jared didn't touch his food, but Eloise devoured hers.
 After breakfast, it was on to opening stockings.  The pile of toys and books grew. . .
 . . . and grew.
 Eloise got a play tunnel from Mom and Dad, which she pronounced "scary!" and refused to touch.  She was afraid of anything with a face, too.  That includes stuffed animals, puppets, and Jared's new slippers.
Jared got dog slippers from Mom and Dad.  I'm not sure he really understood that different gifts came from different people.  When he opened the slippers, he told me, "I got slippers for Christmas! Now you don't have to buy any slippers for me!"
Thanks, family and friends, for all of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts!
 Benjamin wasn't very interested in the Christmas goings on.  He spent his Christmas morning going from adult to adult doing this in varying attitudes:
 As soon as we were done opening presents, Jared started throwing up again.  He spent most of the day wrapped in blankets on one couch or another, watching movies and looking at books.  He developed a fever early in the day that persisted all day.  In the evening, he got a blessing, and by December 26, he was starting to feel better.
I made a Christmas turkey feast, which no one felt much like eating.  Maybe next year we will go someplace that isn't having cold and flu season for the month of December.  Maybe Australia.
A couple of days after Christmas, Todd dragged himself to urgent care, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.
That is the sordid tale of our December, Christmas, Grandma Jill's visit, and our first month as a family of five.

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Annette Knight said...

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