Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Possibly the best part of the Christmas season is all of the buildup to Christmas. It's like having a month of holidays.  What did we do with all of that excitement? We did a little puddle stomping. . . 
 . . . some bike riding. . .
 Jared and Eloise were invited to a Christmas pajama party and brunch.  All of the other children ate and went to play.  Jared and Eloise tucked in like it was their last meal on earth.  They ate and ate and ate and ate.  Eventually they went to play, long after the other children.  One of the party games was writing letters to Santa.  Jared asked Santa for a paper towel holder.  Guess what Jared got his mom for Christmas.
 Grandma Jill came on December 5, and stayed until December 28.  Jared and Eloise got a lot of stories out of her.
 Benjamin prefers cuddle time.
 Jared and Eloise spent plenty of the month like this:
 Or bouncing up and down with excitement.
 Then there was some more of this:
 Jared and Eloise love watching Elmo's World and clicking through the alphabet on

One thing that Jared really wanted to do this Christmas season was go to the Bellevue Square Mall.  He absolutely did not want to see Santa.  What he really wanted to see was the reindeer bobbing near the ceiling, and all of the Christmas trees.
As an added bonus, we came across some live music.
  The most memorable moment of our visit to the mall came as we got in the elevator to leave the play area.  Who should follow us into the elevator but Santa himself!  Jared edged through the throng of people in the elevator until he was standing directly in front of Santa, eyes wide, and speechless.  Santa asked for a high five, which Jared gave him, still dumbstruck to be in the elevator with SANTA!

Sometime during the month we devoted a week to Eloise and her drug allergy, and then Jared got a cough, and then Todd got a cough.  Benjamin doesn't seem to mind the decreased attention on him.  Here he is chilling in some tummy time.
 All of a sudden the month had slipped away, and Christmas Eve was upon us.  Jared and Eloise were excited to don towels and blankets to reenact the Christmas story in thirty second segments, until something else caught their attention.
 Eloise really enjoyed her "towel hat."
Before we knew it it was time to set out stockings for Santa, and try to get Jared to stay in bed long enough to fall asleep so that Santa could come.  More Christmas adventures are coming soon.

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