Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A New Chapter

One month ago today, a new chapter commenced in the Knight's story.  Chapter one started on June 6, 2006: "Todd and Savannah get married and go to college."  Chapter two, entitled "Todd and Savannah try Parenthood" began three years later, on August 21, 2009.  Chapter three, "Eloise," started on April 16, 2011.  Each of these new beginnings has felt like a page has turned, and a new story has begun.  In almost no time, we begin to measure time by distance from the most recent beginning, and all events previous become hazy in our memories.   Chapter four, "Knights; family of five," has been no different.  The time has passed oh-so-quickly, but it is hard to picture our family before sweet, sleepy little Benjamin arrived.
 In his short time, Benjamin's hair has gotten longer and more unruly, if you can believe it.
 Here he is dressed for his first trip to church on December 2.
Grandma Jill has been here since December 5.  We would be lost without her.  
Ben is more wakeful during the day. . . sometimes.  
 Here he is sporting his matching bear hat to be the third bear with Jared and Eloise's Halloween costume.
 Last Saturday, December 15, he met his Grandpa Michael, who came to visit for an afternoon.
 Jared insisted that Grandpa Michael wear this hat for pictures.
 Eloise loves her baby brother.  She likes to tell me what his cries mean.  "Benyamin ky-ing.  Hun-ghee." "Benyamin ky-ing.  Want Mommy."  Here she rocks him as we wait for Grandma to mail packages at the post office.
 One of Todd's coworkers knitted this sweet hat for Ben.  I think it looks like it jumped out of a Dr. Seuss book.
 Can you see how much he is changing?
I am so thankful for this new, peaceful little soul in our family.  As Christmas approaches, Eloise is having a little bit of trouble differentiating between Baby Benjamin, who is tangible and present for her, and the stories of Baby Jesus.  Happy one month day, Benjamin!  It is a great joy to see you grow.

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