Monday, November 5, 2012

Sisters' Reunion Part III

On Thursday, we went back to Seattle again for a trip to Pike Place Market.  I've wanted to bring my sisters here ever since I first came.  I knew that they would love the atmosphere as much as I do.  The market is much less crowded on a weekday morning than it was last time we came, on a Saturday.  Maren was happy to experience the market on Anni's back.
 This is our best attempt at getting all of the kids in one picture with the Pike Place Pig.
 This is the picture I like most from the whole trip.  Anni, Maren, and Jared boogied to the music of a street performer.
 Our kids ate a lot of junk food in the market.  Jared was most anxious to get some sweet nuts, so we got some cinnamon toasted almonds.  There were also fruit samples around every corner, candy stands. . .
 . . . ice cream, ethnic foods, strange flavored pastas, cheeses, jellies, and all kinds of sights, sounds, and smells to be absorbed.
 This picture captures the Cheyenne- Aaron relationship quite exactly.
 Here is our lovely Faith sitting down for lunch,
and feeding Eloise some ice cream so I could take Jared to the potty for the zillionth time.  
Did the kids enjoy the market? Why yes.  Don't take it from Maren, though, she is always smiling.
 Jared also loved it.  He got too full on junk food to eat much lunch.  That is just how three year olds like it.
When we got home, Aaron and Jared decided not to nap, but Cheyenne was about to die of exhaustion, so Aaron and Jared painted.
Rather, Jared had a tactile experience with paints, while Aaron looked on with mild interest, and did his best to avoid getting paint on his hands.  Then they had a bath, which Aaron enjoyed much more.
When Cheyenne woke up, I sat down to fold a pile of laundry, only to be surprised with a sisters baby shower!  Anni, Faith, and Cheyenne had been planning to throw a baby shower for me all week.  They each bought baby Knight a present at the children's consignment store we stopped at in Seattle, and they sent Todd to the grocery store in secret for treats.  They even planned some baby shower games.   I have the best sisters in the world.
Later, Anni, Faith, and I went to the temple, while Todd and Cheyenne stayed home with the kids.  I was so tired by the time we came home that I was seeing double, so I had Anni drive.
  Unfortunately, Thursday was Faith's last day with us in Washington.  We drove Faith to the airport Friday morning before taking the kids to a pumpkin patch.  I forgot my camera, so I will have to borrow some pictures from Annika and Cheyenne before I can post about that.  Aaron, Jared, and Eloise were pretty excited about the mud at the pumpkin patch.

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