Monday, November 5, 2012

Sisters' Reunion Part II

Our Wednesday activity was the much anticipated trip to the Ballard Locks, fish ladder, and botanical gardens.  Aaron is infatuated with trains, so I knew he would appreciate the train drawbridge overlooking the locks.  
Fortunately, the button that gave us such enlightening information about salmon mating habits last time we came to the fish ladder, was totally broken this time.  
 Cheyenne made these cute bear hats for my kids, along with Aaron's dog hat, Maren's mouse hat, and Anni and Faith's cat hats.
 Here we are in between the locks, watching a gate open to let the boats out.  Aaron got a little bit distressed when the train bridge opened.  He was afraid the trains were going to fall off.  When he got that cleared up, he was delighted to find the bridge as mechanically interesting as the trains themselves.
 Popcorn at the locks is turning into a tradition with us, thanks to Jared's long memory.
 Cheyenne spent the entire visit freezing.  Here she models the layered jackets look.
 When we got hungry, we left the locks to chase squirrels and crows in the botanical gardens, then made a stop at a children's consignment store, on our way to this little salmon boutique that has a good lunch special on fish wraps and sandwich.  I liked the shop proprietor last time I was here, but this time we liked him even more.  He insisted that we stay and eat in the shop, placing all of his expensive displays at the mercy of our toddlers.  When he didn't have enough chairs for us, he brought the chair out of his office so that we would have enough seating.   The food was amazing.  When we refused free ice cream, the proprietor insisted on giving us and the kids candy.  
 If I actually knew what the place was called, I would definitely plug it.  Do any of you sisters remember what this place was called?  I seriously can't believe that Faith had NEVER eaten fish before.  Next time we do this, we need to have a sushi night.
 After lunch we made our way slowly back to the car.

 That afternoon, after naps (which started on the way home for almost everyone), we played in the yard while Cheyenne caught up on a little bit of work inside.  Maren loved the swing.
 Aaron also loved the swing.  This is when Eloise started getting territorial and yelling at her cousins.  She believes that the swing is her own personal property, and she needs to be consulted before anyone else has a turn.  She always yells when Jared has a turn, so this wasn't really any different.  After this, though, she started yelling about her cousins playing with the toys inside the house.
Beloved Aunt Faith made the mistake of telling Jared that nose picking was "nasty," which turned out to be a synonym for "yucky," and became Jared's new favorite game.  Classy, I know.  
And, just like that, three days had gone.  A week is way too short for sister time.  

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