Monday, November 26, 2012

O! Christmas Tree!

Our Thanksgiving holiday week was definitely low key, with the surprise addition of a new family member.  We had a Thanksgiving themed family home evening on Tuesday.  On Thursday, Todd took Jared and Eloise to Thanksgiving dinner with some friends of ours who had already invited us to get together with them before Benjamin's arrival.  They brought me some turkey.  

With Thanksgiving behind us, it was time to break out the Christmas decorations!  The first order of business for Jared and Eloise was to raid the holiday decorations box for anything fun.  All of our holiday decorations fit in one box, so here is Eloise ringing in the Christmas season with a bag of Easter eggs.  
 Jared remembers decorating the tree with Grandpa Knight last year, so he was very excited to pull out the Christmas decorations.  The challenge now is to keep him from unplugging and replugging the Christmas tree lights twenty times a day.  Most of the ornaments have already been rehung a few times since these pictures were taken.
 Eloise doesn't remember Christmas, but she is excited.  She was most excited to find some ornaments that smelled like cinnamon, or, as she says, "cinnaminiminimin!"
 There is also an ornament which says "Princess" on it.  As we all know, that is Eloise's preferred name.  That ornament hasn't spent much time on the tree, since she is usually carrying it around.
 We came home from the birth center last Monday to find progress finally being made on the house next door.  Jared and Eloise have been glued to the window since they brought in a tractor to knock down trees and dig a pit for the house.  At the end of each day's work, they cover the whole lot with tarps to protect their work from the rain.
We put all of our lights, ornaments, tinsel, and ribbon on the tree. . .
. . . topped it with a star. . .
. . .  posed for a Christmas picture (complete with Easter eggs). . .
. . . sang some Christmas carols, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and some leftover pumpkin pie.
 Bring on Christmas!  The Knights are ready!

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