Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween! Yay!

 Jared and Eloise LOVE Halloween.  Eloise caught the excitement from Jared, and started saying "Hah-ween! Yay!" a full week before Halloween actually happened.  She is still saying it at intervals throughout the day over a week later.

 Our first opportunity to dress up this year came at our church's fall festival on October 27.  We had a great chili dinner a bunch of activities for the kids.  Both of the kids were fighting off a cold, so they didn't last very long before we had to head home for bed.  Here they are at the cake walk.
 Halloween day happened to fall on a Wednesday, which is our regular story time day.  Here is Eloise in her brown bear costume, breaking the "no food in the library" rule.  There are days when that rule seems much less important than it is on other days.
 After a Halloween themed story time, our librarian, Bernice, led the children around the library in a costume parade, ending with a little trick or treat at the information desk.  Here are two brown bears in the parking garage after story time enjoying treats.
 They were actually dressed as the three bears.  If you ask Jared what he was for Halloween, he will say, "I was a three bears."  When we went to trick or treat at Todd's office after naps, Jared and Eloise took turns carrying their wee bear in a baby carrier.  I got terrible pictures of the kids in their costumes because they were too excited to stay still for any amount of time.  Jared has also made a game out of trying to make a blurry picture of himself.  If he sees the camera come out, he will start moving like crazy and yelling, "Did you get a fuzzy picture yet, Mommy?  Can I see? Is my face all smeared?"
 Apparently this costume, and being mama and papa bear, was a little bit confusing for Jared, as he said something later in the week that made it clear that he assumed that he would grow up to marry Eloise.  I'm not too worried about that particular confusion.  I'm sure it won't be long before he won't want to contemplate living with his sister forever.

Eloise was a very cute little mama bear.  Jared would run for the candy bowl, pillage, and run in the opposite direction.  Eloise was very careful to politely say, "Teat?" and then "Gank-oo."
Here the kids take a break from trick or treating with Daddy to drive the boat/conference room. Yes, they legitimately have meetings in a real boat inside the building.  Eloise loves to drive anything with a steering wheel, and Jared was fascinated by the dials and knobs next to the steering wheel, which are mostly light switches of one kind or another.  
This is the best way to trick or treat.  We didn't have to deal with the weather, which was cold and rainy, and when we thought we had enough candy, we just went on to other activities.  
Possibly Jared's favorite part of Halloween was handing out candy when we got home.  Any time we heard the doorbell ring, Jared would squeal, "Someone is here!" Then he would run for the door, do his best to hoist the giant bowl of candy to offer to the trick or treaters, tell them, "You can have two!" try to put candy in their bags for them, and then chase them out into the rain yelling, "Happy Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"  Eventually he went into the kitchen and found himself a smaller bowl to transfer some of the candy into.  That way he could lift it himself.  
When it was time for bed, Jared helped Todd put the full bowl of candy out next to the door so that the trick or treaters could help themselves.  On November 1st, Todd woke up to the sound of the front door opening, as Jared looked out to see if there was any Halloween candy left to eat for breakfast.  The Halloween enthusiasm is fading slowly around our house.  Our big challenge now is to get the kids all the way over Halloween so that they can start to get excited for Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile, Jared is making plans to be a ghost next Halloween so that he can pop out and say "Boo!" 

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