Thursday, November 8, 2012


Todd had a birthday on November 4.  I'm afraid it was a terribly unspectacular day.  We are saving up our big celebration for next year when he turns a multiple of ten.  All the same, 29 is a nice, big prime number, so Todd is happy to call it his own for the next year.
According to tradition, since Todd was turning an odd number, we made a birthday pie. This year it was apple.  Todd said it was okay for me to bring home sixty pounds of apples (which he had to carry for me), as long as he got a pie out of it.
Sometimes I wonder what myself from ten years ago would say if it saw me now.  What would about-to-go-on-a-mission Todd say if he saw father-of-three, living-in-Washington, software engineer, recently promoted, still-playing-video-games-with-Dan, handyman, homeowner Todd?  
On the other hand, some things never ever change.  I'm sure the Knight family recognizes Todd's general conference watching face.  Now he just has a three year old version of himself (also a prime number) to follow his example.
Happy birthday, Todd!  We may not have had a huge celebration this year, but I wouldn't trade any of the last seven birthdays we've shared.  I love you more now than ever.  We all do.

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