Monday, October 29, 2012

Weeze's Milestone

Aaaah! So much has happened! A week ago we had all of my sisters here with their kids for a lot of adventures.  I'll get to that soon.  While they were here, though, our little Eloise reached an important milestone: she is now 18 months old.  This means that another six months have snuck by since we celebrated her birthday.  Eloise is a lot more grown up now than she was six months ago.
 Eloise is getting very communicative.  She likes to claim everything that she likes by saying "Weeze's."  This is Weeze's daddy, taking her for her first ever bike ride.  Sometimes, when she wants something that someone else has, she calls out, "Mine!"  We're working on those manners.
 I believe that my instructions to Eloise in this picture were, "Look happy!" So, of course, she is making her sad face. It isn't very convincing, but it sure is cute.  Eloise loves opposites.  If I say "slow," she wants to go fast.  If I want her up, she wants down.
 "Doddles!"  Our princess loves the bath as much as her brother does.
 Eloise continues to be very wary of strangers.  It has been very fortunate that Jared is in the same nursery class at church, because she will try anything Jared can do.  Otherwise, Eloise would never let us leave her in a room full of non-family members.  Daddy continues to be the favorite.  If she ever hears the front door open during the day, she runs to see if Daddy is home.
Jared's bike helmet has been renamed "Weeze's hat."  This picture is pretty typical of our Eloise.  She is always in motion, being as silly as possible.
Occasionally Eloise's split second of sitting still to ham it up for the camera corresponds to my shutter click.  Jared was very focused on composing a song on this tiny piano, and didn't look up until Eloise and I were three aisles over in this extremely fun toy store.
This is the beaver face.  Eloise doesn't actually have the balance to go down stairs forward, but since Jared does it, we live in fear.
Since the rain has started again, Eloise has a new love for puddles and boots.  She already loved boots, along with her general love of shoes, but now she can actually walk in them (sort of).  I thought these were the cutest tiny boots I had ever seen when Jared wore them for the first time, but this little doll might just be cuter.  It's hard to say.
Here are some more angles on our little beauty.  Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Rachel in this one?
Before we got Eloise, I thought Disney was exaggerating the possible size and blueness of princess eyes.  I stand corrected.  Here she shows us the messiest possible way to nibble on Korean sweet rolls at Pike Place Market, while still looking adorable.  She is a born multitasker.
Eloise's 18 month numbers are in, as of October 25.   She weighs 23 lbs. 13 oz. (40th percentile), is 32 inches tall (60th percentile), and has a head circumference of 19 inches (85th percentile).  This (and Jared's 34+ lbs.) explains why the double stroller is starting to feel so heavy when I push it up the hill home from the park.  I love this beautiful little princess.  We all live for Weeze's smile.

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