Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The world keeps shrinking

Remember when I posted about our discovery that my visiting teaching companion is Todd's first cousin once removed?  Apparently our connection doesn't end there.  We were having dinner at her house a week ago, when, in the course of our conversation, we discovered that Valerie grew up a few blocks from my mom.  They grew up in the same stake of the church, went to all the same schools, and, predictably, don't remember each other forty years later.

Val pulled out her yearbooks, though, and we stumbled across this little gem:
If you siblings of Savannah's don't recognize this, try imagining less hair, less embroidered 1970s shirt, an earring, and a snarky attitude.  Actually, I think I can already see the snarky attitude. This is Glen Richards in his 1975 Murray High School yearbook, as a junior.

If this makes you giggle, leave a comment.  Maybe I am the only one laughing.


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This really is such a small world.