Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer is going, going, going, going, going. . .

At the turn of the month from August to September, we expected summer to be wrapping up.  We moved here in September last year, effectively missing summer, since summer started exceptionally late in California, and lasted for about a week in August here.  We have been pleasantly surprised as the weeks have gone by and we have had warm day after warm day.  
It was still warm enough on August 31 for Jared and Eloise to get themselves soaking wet in our neighbor's splash table at a neighborhood play date.  These two see water and forget about playing with friends.  
Our ward had a labor day picnic at the park, and the weather was still perfect.  
 Two days later, the weather was still beautiful for us to pick some not-quite-ripe apples from a neighbor's tree and have a little picnic in the yard. Eloise loves to say "Apple!"  She applies it to all non-banana fruits.
 With the sun still hanging on (45 days without rain- not a record, but still notable here), we spent a lot of time at the park.
 When we mention going to the park, Eloise always asks, "Park? Beach park?"  From the beginning of the summer when Eloise wouldn't even touch sand, much less frigid lake water, Eloise has made great progress.  This is the deepest she ever went.  This is her O face, as she says, "No!" As in, "No! Don't let go of my hand in this deep water!"
 Todd left us for a couple of days after labor day to go to Hawaii.  After seeing his pictures of his ocean view, Jared insisted that we needed to go to an ocean beach.  The Saturday after Daddy's return, we drove to Seattle to Golden Gardens Park for a real ocean beach on Puget Sound.
 It was a little colder than I expected it to be at the beach.  Notice how alone Jared is in the water.  Eventually, a couple of much older daredevils came over to try and be as brave as little Jared in the freezing water.
 Eloise had no desire whatsoever to make contact with this water.
 She was happy to look after Jared's shoes for him while he turned blue.  Eloise goes a little bit crazy over shoes.  She LOVES them.

New favorite park game for the princess: peekaboo over the top of the playground.
 One day we were in the yard when a three year old neighbor came cruising by on his balance bike.  Jared and Eloise had to get their bikes out, too.  Eloise always kicks Jared off of the bigger bike, but he doesn't really mind.
 The middle of the month rolled around, and the weather was still amazing.  One afternoon we picked up our friends Sabrina and Gray and took them exploring with us to Waverly Beach Park, where we had never been before.  It is our new favorite park.
 We live in the most beautiful place.
 We have been spending a lot of time with Gray and Sabrina since they moved in a few blocks away from us.  They are stranded without a car a lot while Gray's dad is job hunting.  Eloise now equates all friends with Gray.  She talks about him a lot.
 When we got home from the park, we had a picnic in the yard.  Eloise ate.  Jared ran around like crazy.
 The next day we went to the zoo.  This photo was taken a second before the siamang swung into the glass in front of Eloise, startling her.
 This was the best we could do for a family photo at our last stop before we headed home.  Some of us were tired.  Okay, all of us were tired.
 We did a lot of blackberry picking from the wild blackberries that grow in abundance around here all month.  We also went apple picking again on the neighbor's tree, but the apples still weren't ripe, so we only picked enough for a pie.
We mostly just played on the ladder.
We managed to squeeze in a few more park trips, including one with Daddy,
and one to Saint Edward State Park, which we had only ever hiked to before.  Pushing the stroller around the woods on the sidewalk turned out to be quite doable.
Eloise likes to drive fast!  Watch out for this girl.
Finally, when we were sure that there was no sunshine left to be had in the Pacific Northwest, the weather surprised us again by producing one final swimming day.  We went to Gray's house to play in his little pool.  
And, with that, September 22 arrived, and, for once, the climate got the memo.  The autumn chill is in the air, rain has returned as an occasional guest, and we won't leave the house without jackets until summer rolls around again.

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