Sunday, August 5, 2012

More fun with Gma and Gpa

Where was I?  We are having a really busy summer, and I am falling farther and farther behind on posting.  

For the fourth of July, we started the day freezing half to death at our ward's pancake breakfast.  Jared was really excited to see one of his nursery teachers in the ward choir singing the Star Spangled Banner, and he was fascinated by the flag ceremony.  We did our best to prepare our kids for the spirit of Independence Day with a family home evening that involved a lot of running around the house, throwing hands in the air, and yelling, "We are free!"  
After breakfast, Jared ran to the water as fast as he could and tried to get in before he got caught.  I'm pretty sure it was about 45 degrees outside, so we cut that fun activity off before it started.  
Eloise saw me with my phone and said, "Picture! Eeeeeeeeeee!"  She LOVES to have her picture taken.
 Later, we went downtown for part of the fourth of July parade.  We didn't have a great vantage point, since we got there late and left early for naps.  Here is Eloise enjoying the parade by trying to climb into a total stranger's unguarded stroller.

Our first Sunday home from Idaho (July 1), Annette ran into a long lost cousin at church.  My visiting teaching companion, Valerie, recognized Annette when she greeted her at church, and a few minutes' conversation they discovered that Val is Annette's first cousin- Grandma Jolley's brother's daughter.  It was fun to discover that we are directly, and closely, related to someone in our ward.  Valerie's mother, brother, and two of her children were home for the fourth of July, so Valerie invited us over for Independence day dinner, complete with some amazing homemade strawberry ice cream. 

That night, Eloise and I were too tired to even think about fireworks.  She also had a runny nose that was threatening to turn into a cold, so we let Jared, Grandma, and Daddy go to the park to watch fireworks.  They stayed for half an hour, watching fireworks all over Lake Washington, and then came home.  It was a great holiday.  

One of the highlights of our visit from Grandma and Grandpa Knight was our visit to the Seattle Aquarium.  Eloise is one cute little octopus.  
 Jared and Daddy prefer to be strangled by the man-eating octopus.  One very cool thing about having an aquarium built partially over ocean water is that the aquarium is constantly getting new material from the ocean.  We got a close look at a starfish that came out of Puget Sound that morning.  I touched it, but Jared and Eloise were hesitant.  Something about reaching into cold water and the aquarium volunteer's description of a starfish wrapping its stomach around its meals. . .  
 Seeing all of the fish made the princess REALLY want some goldfish to eat.  She held this goldfish bag and snacked for about an hour of our outing.
 What are you doing? Oh, just chilling on a whale's back.
 We had glorious weather for most of the week.  Can you believe what a beautiful place we live in?  There was a viewing platform on one level of the aquarium where we could take in the boats, the water, and the Olympic mountains.  Jared was all eyes for the cruise liner docked a few piers over.
 It was great to have Grandpa along on an outing, and not just because the person pushing the wheelchair got to get into the aquarium for free.   Friends and family who Eloise will not allow to hold her: try a wheelchair.  Or else get some of the grandpa magic.
Three generations of Knights enjoying the Seattle sea air.
On our way home we stopped for burgers at a Seattle landmark that my local friends have been raving about.  It's called Dick's drive-in.  We didn't know in advance that they are a cash-only establishment (we didn't know those still existed in the civilized world), so we got to be the awesome people holding up the line while we dug under the car seats for stray quarters.  We took our burgers to Rhododendron Park in Kenmore to eat.  I'm afraid we weren't totally impressed with the burgers.  Sorry local friends.  Maybe it's an acquired taste.  All of these people were pretty tired by the time we got home.  
 We only had a little bit more time with Grandma and Grandpa, but we managed to squeeze in one more outing.  It was another warm, sunny day, so we went to Juanita Beach Park.  Eloise avoided the water like the plague and devoured this popsicle.  She had a forced partial dunking in the lake when she was finished because no one wanted to interact with her looking like she had just killed an animal with her teeth.
 Well, Grandpa would probably still have played with her.  Putting her in a swimming suit was an optimistic step on my part, but it made her easy to rinse off.
Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa Knight!  We miss you a lot.

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