Sunday, August 19, 2012

Knight-Christensen Campout 2012

We were really looking forward to camping out with the Christensens this year because we had such a good time last year. We drove to Ensign Ranch, a campground/recreation area owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, on Wednesday afternoon. The boys got busily to work throwing rocks in the stream, starting the fire, and catching a caterpillar, while Eloise sat on the picnic table and ate her way through half a bag of cheetos.  
 If you have noticed that I don't have a lot of pictures of Grant posted, it's because most of them turned out like this:
 Grant is always on the go.  He and Jared were very helpful with putting up the Christensen tent.
This is the last smile we got out of Eloise for about 10 hours. Remember how last year the Knights slept and the Christensens didn't? This year the tides turned.  This little lady decided to keep us all awake for the great majority of the night.  Maybe we let her eat too many cheetos.  
Todd doesn't look tired at all, though.  Ok, yes he does.  I was completely wiped out the next morning and had to sleep for an hour after breakfast before we could strike our tent.  
 Maybe we all wake up a little bit slowly.
 Jared slept pretty well, considering the opposition.  He did stay up waaaay too late, and was up at the crack of dawn, but we were camping.
 Don't trust that cute innocent little face.  This little doll face hides a nighttime monster.
 Cambell made us pancakes for breakfast on his camp stove, and then he brought out his parachute for the boys to enjoy.

 There is a big gap in my knowledge of what happened for the rest of the morning, as I went back to bed, and Todd woke me up when we were ready to take down the tent and head home.  I think that everyone else went exploring the campground, but they would have to tell you.  Sleepy Eloise slept for most of the hour and a half drive home.  Maybe next year is the year when everyone's kids will sleep at night.

As we were unpacking the cars, one of our neighbors came over to say hello and let us know that another neighbor had been arrested for causing a fatal accident while she was driving under the influence.  I am thankful that we are all safe, but really sad for the family of the woman who died, and for our neighbor's children.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, washing filthy children, and lazing around the house.  My hour nap in the morning had not been quite enough to get me through anything ambitious for the rest of the day.

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