Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jordanne's 2012 Visit, Part I

My dearest childhood friend, Jordanne, got a call to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 18 months in Chile.  She leaves in September, so she made time to come spend a week with us before she goes.  I was really excited to see her.  The first thing we did when she arrived was plan a week of adventuring. 
We started on Monday with the Ballard Locks, fish ladder, and botanical gardens.  This is really cool.  There is an underwater room where you can see gigantic salmon swimming in the fish ladder, boats of all kinds passing through the locks, and walkways that change based on whether the fill gates on the lock are open or closed.  
 We got stranded on opposite sides of one of the locks for a little while when I took Jared to the bathroom and left Jordanne and Eloise on the other side, just as one of the locks was filling.  
 Eloise handled the temporary separation fine because she was busy eating an apple by herself.  You will note the apple smears all over her shirt.  She was also really interested in boats and kept pointing enthusiastically and announcing, "Boat!"  Jared knew more than I thought about different types of boats, but he gets most excited about sailboats.
 When we were done boat watching, we ran around on the lawns in the botanical gardens for a few minutes before setting off in search of food.  We ended up stumbling on an expensive little fish boutique that had reasonably priced and delicious wraps for lunch.
 This was a great outing.  We will definitely be doing this again.

On Tuesday we went blueberry picking.  I found a farm half an hour from home that sells farm fresh produce at reasonable prices and allows people to pick their own blueberries, so we went to check it out.
 Everything was a bit more wet than I had expected it to be.  Next time we will wear boots.  I guess I should have known when the map said it was located in "Mercer Slough" that things might be a bit marshy.
 A little damp didn't stop Jared from plunking down wherever there was a convenient piece of ground when snack time came around.  The picking was okay.  It wasn't too exciting, and the blueberries weren't the best or ripest I had ever seen.
 The real adventure started when Jared decided that he had had enough of blueberry picking and wanted to run around a little.  Eloise was pretty burned out by that time, too, so I turned Jared loose in the empty space  at the back of the blueberry field.  At the edge of the field was a farm ditch with a little boardwalk bridge over it leading to the next field.  Jared asked if he could play on the boardwalk, and I said he could, as long as he stayed on the bridge.  The water beneath it was covered in pond scum, so he thought that the ground under the bridge was solid.  While I was walking toward him with Eloise, he stepped off the bridge and found himself up to his chin in cruddy, smelly, scummy farm ditch water.  He panicked when he couldn't get his footing.  I was only a few steps away and pulled him out really fast, but his shouts alarmed Eloise, who started to cry.  I couldn't stop laughing.
Needless to say, blueberry picking was over for us.  Eloise was getting tired, so it took us a while to calm her down.  We peeled Jared's clothes off, down to his underwear.  He, and everything he was wearing, was covered in mud and scum.
 Fortunately, Eloise was wearing layers, and the day was starting to warm up (a little- it was still only about 60 degrees), so she was persuaded to part with her jacket, which fit Jared well enough.  We put both kids in baby carriers and hiked back up to the farm stand.
 Eloise was still sniffling and whining, but, snuggled up against my back on our way out of the field, Jared informed me that he didn't feel sad anymore.  I had some extra pants and underwear for him in the car, so he didn't have to ride home soaked and freezing.
 Jordanne and I were both laughing through the whole experience, which probably didn't help the hysterical kids calm down at all.  It was just too funny to see Jared in the farm ditch soaking wet.  I was busy trying to get both kids settled down and didn't get a picture of Jared in all his clothes dripping pond scum and leeches, but Jordanne did.  I'll try to remember to post it when I get it from her.  

Wednesday morning I had an appointment with my midwife, so we all went.  When it was over, we rushed to the library to catch most of story time.  Jared informed me on the way to the library that he had been very good at the birth center and deserved a treat.  I tended to agree with him, so, after story time, we went for gelato in downtown Kirkland.  We took it to Marina Park and filled ourselves with sugar right before lunch.
 After siesta, Jordanne took off to visit a friend in Vancouver, and we went to look at what would become our new used couch, before going to dinner at Todd's office. That night we were very tired.

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