Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jordanne, Part II

I woke up on Thursday sick with a terrible head cold, so we spent the day around the house catching up on/avoiding housework.  I called a handyman friend to come over and help us track down the origin of yet another plumbing leak in the afternoon.  While he was here, Jordanne came back.  She got back in time to help Todd move the first of three sections of our new couch into the house.  He picked up the first section on Thursday, and took Jordanne with him to pick up the other two sections on Friday morning.  The first order of business was building a pillow fort.  When Eloise woke up from her nap and found the couch reformatted, she was wild with excitement.  She spent twenty minutes crawling all over the cushionless couches saying, "Hi! Hi! Hi!"  
 This is the couch.  We were experiencing a seating crisis in our house, where no more than two people could sit down in any one room at a time.  This helps.
 In the afternoon we went to Juanita Beach Park to play and visit the Friday farmer's market.
 Jared was in the water as fast as he could get there.  It was a warm day.  As he was lying in the mud I asked him, "Are you a crocodile?"
He answered, "No, I'm a yuckydile!"
Then he got up and chased me with his muddy hands.
 Eloise preferred to stay on her blanket.

We have been wanting to go on a boat ride for a while, and Saturday was another hot, sunny day, so we drove to Mukilteo to take the ferry to Whidbey Island.  Eloise is a born sailor.  She never stopped smiling and pointing out the boats and the water and the birds.
 Since we were mostly taking the ferry for the boat experience, we parked at the lighthouse park next to the ferry terminal and walked onto the ferry.
 The ferry ride was only about twenty minutes each way, but it was still a great adventure for the kids.  It was also very scenic.
 Eloise was determined not to miss anything.
 We walked to a little tiny park next to the ferry terminal and discovered a big sand pile with sand toys all over it.  We played for a few minutes, until we realized that it was approaching lunch time.  Then we hopped on the next return ferry.
 At the lighthouse park, we found a playground, where we played while Todd fetched our lunch out of the car.
 Then we picnicked.
 I got these great picnic portraits.

When they were done with lunch, Jared, Jordanne, and Todd went down to the beach to wade until Eloise finished eating.  It was a perfect morning.  
Even though it was the hottest day we have experienced since we moved here, Jordanne remembered that Todd had requested that she make some fry bread while she was here, so she spent the afternoon in our sweltering kitchen sweating over chili and fry bread.  It was amazing, as usual.  Jordanne is the best friend ever.  She is going to be a wonderful missionary.  She left this morning, and we miss her already.

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