Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cramming in a last bit of fun

Cambell was really excited to help Todd with some home improvement projects while he was here, so Rebecca and I took the kids out of the way on Friday and let them fix and paint to their hearts' content.  We did this by taking the kids to the zoo.
 The porcupines were fed while we were watching them, so we learned that they are named Oscar and Molly.  Learning the names of the animals always makes them more interesting to Jared.
 Is your paw as big as a bear's?
 The otters were really playful and friendly with the kids, diving underwater to slap the glass near their hands.  This is Jared's new favorite zoo exhibit.
 We stopped for a snack after we saw the elephants.
 This is how a three year old and an almost three year old say "cheese."
 The kids were getting tired, but we had to stop and see the hippos.
 And ride a hippo, of course.
 Eloise was much too tired to participate in hippo climbing.
 Max gave Rebecca a kiss right before this picture was taken.  I would have gotten a picture of the cute little kiss, but the fountain to the left of the kids turned on just as the shutter clicked.
Here is what the boys got done while we were away:
The kids took nice long naps.  I wish Grant and Max would come back and show Jared and Eloise how to nap again.
Then they played together for a little while as Cambell and Rebecca packed their car.
The Christensens were off to Portland to visit Cambell's sister that evening, but first we had to take them to one more park.
Thanks for coming Christensens!  I can't believe how much fun we packed into your short visit. We hope you can come again soon!

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