Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What do you do in the summertime?

We did end up making the whole drive home from Idaho in one very long day.  I don't remember ever being happier to be out of a car.  Todd didn't have to go back to work on Wednesday, so we had a low key day with only a quick trip to the library and a couple of stops at some of our Lake Washington beach parks.  First, Marina Park, which is down the street from the library.  Notice how blue the sky is.  That is sort of a big deal around here.   
 Eloise collected a new pet rock for her collection while we were there.
 Later, we went to Denny Park, which is Todd's favorite waterfront park. An added bonus is that it is only five minutes from our house.
 Arizona Grandma didn't know what to make of so much water in one place.

 Todd did have to go back to work on Thursday, so Jared, Eloise, and I took Grandma to the zoo.
 After seeing the other children climbing on this hippopotamus, Jared had to try it.  Then he had to climb on every other statue he found in the zoo. . .
 . . . even if it was too steep to climb. . .
 . . . or absurdly small to be sitting on. 
This face he makes for the camera is not puckering.  His little rebellion is saying "Ooooooo!" Whenever I ask him to say "Eeeeeee!"
Remembering past failures, I did manage to get some pictures with actual animals in them this zoo trip.  Here is a porcupine who wanted to be noticed.  I love the sign on the fence: "Please do not touch the porcupine."
 Tireless Grandma picked Jared up over and over and over again to give him better views of the animals.
 Very tired Eloise spent a lot of the zoo trip hanging out on my back, ready to fall asleep as soon as the endless parade of children stopped keeping her interested.
 When we were done with the zoo, we had a bench side picnic in Woodland Park, and played on the playground for a few minutes before going home.
 After naps, it was back to business, being as exhausting and wild as possible for Grandma before we went to pick up Grandpa from the airport.
I'm not sure who was more excited; Grandpa to see Jared or Jared to see Grandpa.  Eloise even picked up on the excitement about "Bampa," even if she was a little wary of him at first.  

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