Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Wedding, Carrie!

On Thursday, June 21, we got up early and headed out to Idaho!  Jared and Eloise are excellent travelers.  Aside from the potty stops every half hour, it was a fairly uneventful trip.  Eleven hours later, we stumbled out of the car onto the mostly deserted ranch in Salmon.  
 Almost everyone had gone ahead to Idaho Falls to avoid the three hour drive on the morning of Carrie and Tyler's wedding.  We picked up Grandma Knight at the Idaho Falls airport on our way to the temple.  The sealing was really special.  Jared and Eloise played with their second cousins while we were inside.
 It was hot outside, and, in spite of and because of all of the excitement, cousins, sun, and fun, Jared and Eloise were both pretty exhausted by the time we left for the luncheon.  Of course, in typical me style, we didn't get any pictures of the bride and groom.  You can see some of the bridals on Carrie's blog.
Eloise crashed on the way to the luncheon and slept through half of it.  

Hotel lobbies make great running areas for wound up, tired little boys.  Jared must have run back and forth across this expanse twenty times.  
After the luncheon, much of the family headed off to the reception with Tyler's family, but we went back to Salmon.  Jared and Eloise napped for most of the trip back.  

We still had some afternoon left to visit with Grandpa Jolley and Pat. . .  
. . . swing on the porch. . . 
. . . and help Grandma water the garden (sans pants of course).

Saturday was another busy day of setting up for the Salmon reception, playing with cousins, and catching up with family.  So busy that I didn't get pictures, except for this little gem.

Eloise, who discovered a new love for cows on Saturday, is blowing a kiss at the camera.  We had a lot of fun in Idaho after the wedding festivities, too, so stay tuned.

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