Tuesday, July 24, 2012


What did we do when Grandpa came? Played in his wheelchair and carried his cane around, among other things.  Eloise got over her shyness with Grandpa very fast.  I think they bonded over their shared baldness.  Eloise gets excited every time she sees a picture of Grandpa nowadays.  She does a little jump and says, "Bampa!"  
 On Sunday afternoon, we took Grandma and Grandpa for a walk around our neighborhood so that Jared and Eloise could show off the neighborhood's most appealing feature for them: horses.  Jared has recently figured out how to pedal his bike, so bike riding is big around here these days.
 Eloise didn't get to bring her bike, since it doesn't have the handy push bar, but we had a good time hanging out together on the walk over to the horses.
 As usual, Jared hung back, content to observe horses from afar while Grandma fed them some clover.
 Emboldened by Grandma's success, and with a quavering, "Daddy, protect me!" Jared ventured to feed a horse from his hand.
Jared got tired of pedaling on the way home, so Eloise took a turn on the bike.  She loves bike riding even more than Jared does.  
 She has a tendency to drag her feet a bit when she is being pushed, though.
 Jared would have preferred to ride home on Grandpa's foot rests, but they aren't designed for the weight of a chunky little guy, so he had to take his sister's place instead.  This is my 17 weeks pregnant baby bump.
 On Monday, Jared got up in the morning and asked to go to Saint Edward State Park.  Grandma was out on a run, but after breakfast, she came home and agreed that that sounded like a good idea.  I'm not sure she knew precisely what she was getting into.  We hike to the playground, about two and a half miles from our house, with babies in backpacks both ways.  Legs have to work a lot harder when you are carrying 35 extra pounds.  I took us down one (very steep) wrong turn, just for a little exercise bonus.  I'm nice like that.
Of course Jared and Eloise didn't mind the distance a bit.
 Grandma was a very good sport, claiming that she wasn't tired.  She claimed that a lot during her visit, but we noticed that she was sleeping very well at night (no thanks to the woodpecker on our drainpipe at the crack of dawn), and occasionally dozing off on the couch during the day.  She is a very good sport.
 She even got into the spirit of the playground with a little solo spin on the rocking horse.  Grandkids keep you young at heart.
When we got home, Jared and Eloise set directly to work wearing out Grandpa, too.  Jared discovered gum while his grandparents were visiting, so he had something to pester them for, besides tastes of Grandpa's "juice," use of his cane, dragging his suitcase around the house, and asking, "What's that?" and "Why?" a zillion times a day.  Yes, Grandparents are very good sports.

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