Monday, June 18, 2012

To the Zoo!

We bought a zoo membership shortly after we moved here, and we use it fairly often.  Since we are at the zoo once a month or so, I rarely remember to take pictures.  I do occasionally get a photo, and since I am in a catching up mood (read: trying to avoid having to clean out the refrigerator), here are a couple of recent zoo trips.
I say recent, but, with all of our traveling in the last couple of months, these pictures are from the end of March, when we went to the zoo with our friends Carrie and Spencer.  Spencer is a few weeks older than Eloise.
This peacock thinks he owns the zoo.  He is famous for terrorizing children who come too close to him.
Here we are outside the penguin tank.  This has a great view for small kids because the penguins frequently swim very close to the glass at their eye level.
 Spencer was enthralled by the orangutans.  They put on a great show of tearing up rolls of paper towels to make nests for themselves.
 Our last stop at the zoo is usually the Zoomazium, where there are play structures and toys for kids under eight.  Sometimes we go for zoo music.  Jared and Eloise love to shake, rattle, and roar to songs about conservation and animal droppings.

 They were excited to introduce Spencer to one of their favorite activities.  Spencer is very lively, so he loves anything active.

On June 6, we went to the zoo again with Ricki, Levi, Vivian, and Ramona.  Vivian is a couple of weeks older than Jared, and Ramona is about a week younger than Eloise.  Levi and Vivian found this little playground in the farm exhibit. The Knight children are always excited about a new playground.
 When we take pictures, we tell Jared to say "Eeeeee!" Of course he says "Ooooooo!" instead.
 Eloise got really excited about this stationary vegetable exhibit.  She threw quite the fit when it was time for us to move on.  A 13 month old will not accept that she is going to an even better playground.  She is particularly stubborn when she is tired.
 I could not believe that in our three hours in the zoo, Ramona only got out of the stroller one time!  She didn't complain once.  What kind of child is this?  Are all third children this easy going? I hope so.  Jared and Eloise are both pretty laid back, but not three hours in the stroller laid back.
We are glad we have such great friends, and such a great zoo. Next time I will have to get a picture that actually has an animal in it so that you can tell this is a zoo.

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Jordanne said...

I recognize it as the zoo - but probably only because I have been there. :)