Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tulips, tulips, everywhere

On Friday, April 27, I woke up planning to take the kids to the park to play.  The weather had been fairly good all week, and we hadn't managed to go to the park, so this was the day.  While we were eating breakfast, I checked my email and found an email from a friend asking if anyone wanted to go to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with her.  We had heard about the tulip festival and wanted to see it for ourselves, so our plans changed.  We threw together a picnic, put on our boots, and got in the car.  
We drove for an hour and a half up the coast to Mt. Vernon, Washington, through town, and out into scenic farmland.  

When our friends arrived, we went into the farm.  Jared was delighted with this tulip "maze."  This isn't a maze for anyone a few inches taller than he is.  There were tulips in every color combination you can think of.  The gardens were beautiful.  

 Just beyond the gardens, we found field after field of tulips in bloom.  I'm not sure Jared noticed the flowers at all when he discovered the mud.  He spent most of our outing wading through puddles with Adalyn and Bailey, the two little girls who came with us.  He almost lost his boots a couple of times in deceptively deep and mushy puddles.  He was in mud heaven.
 Eloise spent most of our time at the farm in the baby backpack munching contentedly on cheerios, but she got out for a few minutes.
When she was free of the carrier, she immediately tried to escape from me so that she could splash in the nearest giant mud puddle.
 Our poor little princess couldn't keep her hat on in the breeze.  She came away with quite the sunburned little head.

Jared thought that "pose with the flowers" meant "stand on the flowers."  Oops.
 Jared got burned out on mud and tulips before the other mamas were done posing their girls for pictures, so he commandeered the stroller from Adalyn's sister, Baby Maren.
 Muddy, windblown Adalyn, Bailey, and Jared posed for one final picture before we took off.  Jared thought this cluster of flowers was also a tulip maze, or else he had just gotten a taste for walking on flowers.  Either way, it was time for us to go.
 We had a quick lunch picnic in the car before heading down the road to the famous Blue Goose Produce stand for the biggest single scoop of ice cream I have ever seen.  They make their own waffle cones before your eyes, too.  All three of us were full before we finished this one cone.
Jared and Eloise both fell asleep as soon as we got back into the car and slept all of the way home. It was a beautiful day for some beautiful country.  The tulip festival was definitely worth the drive.  I am excited now to plant my own tulips in our yard for next spring.

Happy beautiful springtime!  I have never seen so many things blooming in my life as we have in our gorgeous yard and city.  This is the place to experience spring.

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