Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ryan Lee Campbell

Ryan gets his own post because, as the third child, and still very quiet, I'm afraid he will be overlooked a lot in our other posts about our trip.  I also never got around to welcoming him to the family when he was born, so here he is: Ryan Lee Campbell.  
He was born with more hair than Eloise has after a year of trying. Here he is with his papa.
And with his mama. 
Eloise was surprised to discover that people exist smaller than herself.  I believe Annie was trying to confiscate his pacifier.
The best place for a baby to be is on Grandma's lap.
Or with a doting auntie. 
How do I look with a baby with hair?

Arizona Easter

This Easter we had the opportunity to do something that we have never done before; we got all of the cousins on Todd's side together for a reunion.  Todd and his siblings hadn't all even been in the same place at the same time since March 2007, so this was very exciting.  We flew to Tucson on Saturday, April 9, the day before Easter.  We got there very late at night with two very tired children.  Jared cried and whined for the entire second flight, and finally fell asleep as we were landing.  For very very over tired children, they went to sleep quite well as soon as we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  

The next morning was Easter, and, of course, Grandma had all kinds of Easter goodies for the kids.  
I'm afraid that, in spite of Grandma's efforts to assemble the Easter baskets, the excitement was totally trumped by the joy of COUSINS!!!  We hadn't met Peyton, yet.  She and Eloise hit it off right away.  Eloise was even saying "Ey-ton" by the end of our second day with them.  
At only two months apart, Eloise and Peyton are the closest in age of all of the cousins.  Obviously they are going to be best friends.  
On Easter Sunday, we went to church with Colette and Jacob to see their new baby, Ryan Lee Campbell (Born March 18), blessed.  Grandma had matching dresses for all of the little girls.  You can see pictures from the blessing and Easter dinner at the Campbell house on Colette's blog.  After the baby blessing, we took the kids to nap off their jet lag at the Campbells' while they finished church.  Yes, I know Arizona is in the same time zone as Washington.  That didn't make travelling any less exhausting.  When everyone congregated again, we had a delicious ham dinner and spent the afternoon catching up, playing in the yard, and eating popsicles to combat the 90 degree heat in the yard.

We spent Monday together again at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma, Rachel, Jared, McKenzie, and I went to the park down the street to play.  Rachel and Jared can't ever get enough of each other.
McKenzie is possibly the cutest thing ever.  She followed her older cousins around like a shadow, and tried to do everything Rachel did.
McKenzie drew her line at water, though.  Monday was another hot day.  Rachel and Jared spent a lot of time in the pool.  Peyton dipped her feet, with a little help from her Uncle Todd.
Splash fight!
We had a picnic in the yard for lunch.  This is our family picnic portrait.
I may be a little biased, but I believe I have the cutest nieces in the world.  
In case you aren't convinced, here is another close up on McKenzie. . .
. . . and Peyton.
After lunch it was back in the pool with the die hards, and the two water lovers who had been napping for the earlier swim.  Here are Jared, Annie, Eloise, and Rachel making pretend soup and enchiladas with their pool utensils.

After swimming and a little bit of trampoline time, everyone was thoroughly exhausted from heat and fun, but it was only the beginning of our week of Tucson adventure.