Friday, March 30, 2012

Weather notwithstanding

Have I mentioned before how much these kids love being outside?  We hung up our swing in our new backyard on March 13.  The weather that day was having mood swings, speaking of swings.  When we went outside it was sunny, then rainy, then sunny, and by the time we had located a swing branch, hung the swing up, and it was time to enjoy it, it was snowing.  
 Warning: cuteness overload! I know Eloise is totally adorable on her own, but every time she wears this hat. . .
 First time in the swing at the new house, right before we fled from the giant snowflakes.
 We also live within walking distance of a great big park, so we walk over a couple of times a week.  Jared believes that this is an extension of our house, and that we should be able to go every day.
 The park is a popular place for dog walkers and dog groups, so we almost always see dogs in the park.  Eloise gets very excited about dogs.  She yells, "Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!" until I take her for a closer look.
 It has gotten warmer, and colder, and warmer again.  There have been a few days that we have ventured out without coats.  I'm not sure I like that Eloise and Jared both love our swing as much as they do.  Someone seems to end up crying every time we go in the back yard because someone else has the first turn.
 Luckily, one eleven month old can occasionally be temporarily diverted by a ride on this bike.  I don't mean to brag, but she can totally ride this all by herself, and get off without falling down.
 Of course, she would rather be swinging. . .
 I think I actually heard her say "swing" once, when she was looking out the window like this.  It was obvious what she wanted to be doing.
Right before I took this picture, a giant spider crawled over the back of the swing next to Eloise's head.  Gross!  I don't think she noticed.  
 Today we had Jared's nursery friend, Logan, over to play so his mom could get some sleep with Logan's new baby brother.  Logan seems to love playing outside as much as Jared.  He went between the bushes in our back yard and announced, "I'm in the forest!"  They also did a lot of puddle stomping.
 Ah, spring.  Today started out overcast, looked like it was going to clear up, suddenly drenched us in rain for an hour, and now it is clear and sunny.  I wonder how long this weather lasts here. We are definitely looking forward to General Conference at home this weekend, so we don't have to prepare for every type of weather.

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